M 6.8 in Chile from 17 Sep 2015 04:10 UTC to 04:10

Event summary|Scenario pre-calculated

This earthquake is expected to have a low humanitarian impact based on the magnitude and the affected population and their vulnerability.

Earthquake Magnitude: 6.8M
Depth: 80 Km
Event Date: 17 Sep 2015 04:10 UTC
Exposed Population: 294929 people within 100km
Source: GEOFON gfz2015sfno
Inserted at: 17 Sep 2015 04:16 UTC

This is a pre-calculated grid scenario. The exact calculation for this event is available here

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Tsunami affected locations

Date Name Country Alert Tsunami wave height (m)
1-Jan-2018 00:07:69 Guayacan Chile  0.0m
1-Jan-2018 00:53:32 Caleta Horcon Chile  0.0m
1-Jan-2018 00:31:45 Pite Chile  0.0m
1-Jan-2018 00:00:00 Las Cujas Chile  0.0m
1-Jan-2018 00:03:87 La Laguna Chile  0.0m
1-Jan-2018 00:24:85 Guanaquero Chile  0.0m
1-Jan-2018 00:52:28 Cartagena Chile  0.0m
1-Jan-2018 00:52:28  0.0m
1-Jan-2018 00:35:09 La Greda Chile  0.0m
1-Jan-2018 00:46:88 Los Vilos Chile  0.0m
1-Jan-2018 00:32:99 Tongoy Chile  0.0m
1-Jan-2018 00:00:00 Ingeniero Santa Maria Chile  0.0m
1-Jan-2018 00:52:28 Renaca Bajo Chile  0.0m
1-Jan-2018 01:21:01 Concon Chile  0.0m
1-Jan-2018 00:44:61 Playa Ancha Chile  0.0m
1-Jan-2018 00:43:22 Angostura Chile  0.0m
1-Jan-2018 00:02:09 Papudo Chile  0.0m
1-Jan-2018 01:20:33 Achupallas Chile  0.0m
1-Jan-2018 00:44:61 Gauchal Chile  0.0m
1-Jan-2018 01:16:23 Las Cruces Chile  0.0m
1-Jan-2018 01:13:93 Baron Chile  0.0m
1-Jan-2018 01:18:63 Pichidangui Chile  0.0m
1-Jan-2018 00:52:28 Maitencillo Chile  0.0m
1-Jan-2018 01:30:17 El Tabo Chile  0.0m
1-Jan-2018 00:58:54 Laguna Verde Chile  0.0m
1-Jan-2018 00:58:54 Maitencillo Chile  0.0m
1-Jan-2018 01:12:81 Valparaiso_CL Chile  0.0m
1-Jan-2018 00:40:89 Chigualoco Chile  0.0m
1-Jan-2018 01:12:81 San Antonio Chile  0.0m
1-Jan-2018 01:56:21 Cerro Colorado Chile  0.0m
1-Jan-2018 01:12:81 Llolleo Chile  0.0m
1-Jan-2018 01:51:56 Constitucion Chile  0.0m
1-Jan-2018 00:37:62 Huentelauquen Chile  0.0m
1-Jan-2018 00:34:25 Ritoque Chile  0.0m
1-Jan-2018 01:09:25 Las Ramaditas Chile  0.0m
1-Jan-2018 00:56:49 Quintero Chile  0.0m
1-Jan-2018 00:42:31 El Quisco Chile  0.0m

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Initial conditions

Title: "Case -71.5 -32.5 6.75"

Fault parameters

  • Length: 37 km
  • Width: 10 km
  • Magnitude: 6.8 M

Okada parameters:

  • Slip: 1 m
  • Strike: 2 (geogr angle: north=0, south=180)
  • Dip: 15 degree
  • Rake: 90 degree
  • Depth: 5 km

Calculation parameters

  • Calculation space (lon/lat): -74.5, -35.5, -68.5, -29.5
  • Instead of Step -> use Cell size:.5 minutes

Sea Level