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M 6.5 in South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands on 10 May 2017 23:23 UTC
Tsunami calculation for earthquake Earthquake in South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

The JRC has developed a global tsunami wave height calculation model, which is run after each earthquake issued by seismological institutes around the world.

This report is for earthquake episode 1167352 of event 1112670 issued at 10 May 2017 23:23 (GDACS Event ID 1112670, Latest episode ID: 1167352, inserted at 11 May 2017 01:30 UTC ).


Current impact estimate:

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  • Earthquake Magnitude: 6.5M
  • Depth: 10 Km
  • Event Date: 10 May 2017 23:23 UTC
  • Exposed Population: No people within 100km
A pre-calculated grid scenario is also available here
Population density map


Tsunami maximum wave height
Tsunami maximum wave height (Source: JRC)

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Affected locations

Date Name Country Tsunami wave height (m)
Locations affected by Tsunami wave (15 of 0)

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Initial conditions (+)

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Official tsunami bulletins by regional warning centers can be found at the International Tsunami Information Center.