Global Flood Detection System - Version 2

An experimental system to detect and map in near-real time major river floods based on daily passive microwave satellite observations. The purpose is to identify and measure floods with potential humanitarian consequences after they occur.

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Site 284 (Zambia) (Area 277 on Zambezi in Zambia)

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Current Status
Maps and animation

Current Data

The flood magnitude is a measure of the size of the flood. Since lower signals generally accounts for increased water coverage, extreme events, or major floods, should represent anomalies in the time series of a given site. The reference value for normal flow is calculated as the average signal for the site since June 2002. Flood magnitude is defined as the number of standard deviations (sd) from the mean (avg). Read more...

Graph of last 60 days

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Site coordinates: Latitude:-16.245, Longitude:23.265. See on Google Maps.

Comparison with previous years

The table shows magnitude data as colours for the current year and two previous years. For more annual comparisons, please refer to the 'Graphs' section.

Notes: X = No Data (or data being calculated). The data values of today can change if new data is acquired by the satellite. Blue shades indicate flood magnitude (mouse over the box to see the value); magnitudes greater than 2 have an orange outline, magnitudes greater than 4 have a red outline.