Overall Orange alert Tropical Cyclone for ISAIAS-20
in United States, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Virgin Islands U.S., Turks and Caicos Islands, Virgin Islands British, Cuba, Anguilla, Aruba, Netherlands Antilles, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Venezuela, Colombia, Montserrat, Antigua and Barbuda, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Grenada, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, Dominica, Jamaica
Impact Single TC
Impact all weather systems in the area


Tropical Cyclone ISAIAS-20 can have a medium humanitarian impact based on the maximum sustained wind speed,exposed population and vulnerability.

Meteorological source GDACS
Exposed countries United States, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Virgin Islands U.S., Turks and Caicos Islands, Virgin Islands British, Cuba, Anguilla, Aruba, Netherlands Antilles, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Venezuela, Colombia, Montserrat, Antigua and Barbuda, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Grenada, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, Dominica, Jamaica
Exposed population 920 thousand in Category 1 or higher
Maximum wind speed 139 km/h
Maximum storm surge 0.8 m (01 Aug 20:00 UTC)
Vulnerability Low (The Bahamas)
Landfall between
29 Jul 2020 18:00 - 30 Jul 2020 06:00

in Puerto Rico


GDACS alert score for Tropical Cyclones is 0.5 (GREEN Alert), 1.5 (ORANGE Alert), 2.5 (RED Alert)
For more info on GDACS alert score click here.
  Wind Storm surge Rainfall GDACS score
GDACS Current 93 km/h 0.8 m n.a. 1.5
GDACS Overall 139 km/h 0.8 m n.a. 1.5

Maximum winds, storm surge, rainfall (Current: over the next 72 h, Overall: entire TC track)


93 km/h Current Max.

Up to 51.1 million people in Tropical Storm strength or higher (see SSHS)

Impact Timeline

Alert Date (UTC) Max Winds (km/h) Population in
Tropical Storm or higher
Population in
Cat 1. or higher
Orange 1 28 Jul 2020 15:00 93 51.3 million No people Barbados, Martinique, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Dominica, Guadeloupe, Antigua and Barbuda, Montserrat, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Anguilla, Virgin Islands U.S., Virgin Islands British, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Turks and Caicos Islands, Bahamas, Cuba, United States
Orange 2 28 Jul 2020 21:00 93 51.1 million No people Barbados, Martinique, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Dominica, Guadeloupe, Antigua and Barbuda, Montserrat, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Anguilla, Virgin Islands U.S., Virgin Islands British, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Turks and Caicos Islands, Bahamas, Cuba, United States

Bulletin Timeline

Alert Date (UTC) Category Max winds
Population in
Tropical Storm
Population in
Cat.1 or higher
Location (lat, lon) Countries
1 28 Jul 2020 15:00 Tropical storm 65 no people no people 13.8, -53.7
2 28 Jul 2020 21:00 Tropical storm 65 1.4 million people no people 14.4, -55.9
2 29 Jul 2020 06:00 Tropical storm 65 1.8 million people no people 15.4, -58.8
2 29 Jul 2020 18:00 Tropical storm 74 6.1 million people no people 16.7, -62.5
2 30 Jul 2020 06:00 Tropical storm 83 23.5 million people no people 18.2, -66.1 Puerto Rico
2 30 Jul 2020 18:00 Tropical storm 93 24.7 million people no people 19.7, -69.7
2 31 Jul 2020 06:00 Tropical storm 93 24.6 million people no people 20.9, -72.5
2 31 Jul 2020 18:00 Tropical storm 93 14.6 million people no people 22.2, -75.3
2 01 Aug 2020 18:00 Tropical storm 93 19.7 million people no people 24.7, -79
2 02 Aug 2020 18:00 Tropical storm 83 no people no people 27, -81 United States
Actual track of the current bulletin
The alert for forecast greater than 3 days is limited to Orange level.

Exposed population - AoIs

Exposed population in the potential affected countries, provinces and populated places


St. Lucia
St. Vincent & the Grenadines
Antigua & Barbuda
St. Kitts & Nevis
Virgin Is.
British Virgin Is.
Puerto Rico
Dominican Republic
Turks & Caicos Is.
The Bahamas
United States


Region Province Country Population
Barbados Barbados 260000 people
Martinique Martinique 370000 people
St. Lucia Saint Lucia 140000 people
St. Vincent & the Grenadines Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 110000 people
Dominica Dominica 70000 people
Guadeloupe Guadeloupe 410000 people
Antigua & Barbuda Antigua and Barbuda 65000 people
Montserrat Montserrat -
St. Kitts & Nevis Saint Kitts and Nevis 41000 people
Anguilla Anguilla 9200 people
Virgin Is. Virgin Islands U.S. 100000 people
British Virgin Is. Virgin Islands British 18000 people
Humacao Puerto Rico -
Guayama Puerto Rico -
Bayamon Puerto Rico -
San Juan Puerto Rico -
Ponce Puerto Rico -
Arecibo Puerto Rico -
Mayag?ez Puerto Rico -
Aguadilla Puerto Rico -
La Altagracia Dominican Republic 120000 people
La Romana Dominican Republic 180000 people
El Seibo Dominican Republic 75000 people
San Pedro de Macor¡s Dominican Republic 210000 people
Hato Major Dominican Republic 170000 people
Samana Dominican Republic 79000 people
Monte Plata Dominican Republic 110000 people
Distrito Nacional Dominican Republic 2.7 million people
Santo Domingo Dominican Republic 1.5 million people
Duarte Dominican Republic 280000 people
Maria Trinidad S Dominican Republic 130000 people
San Cristobal Dominican Republic 160000 people
Sanchez Ramirez Dominican Republic 150000 people
Peravia Dominican Republic 200000 people
Monsenor Novel Dominican Republic 140000 people
Espaillat Dominican Republic 190000 people
Azua Dominican Republic 210000 people
La Vega Dominican Republic 310000 people
Salcedo Dominican Republic 110000 people
Puerto Plata Dominican Republic 240000 people
Santiago Dominican Republic 760000 people
Barahona Dominican Republic 160000 people
San Juan Dominican Republic 280000 people
Baoruco Dominican Republic 94000 people
Pedernales Dominican Republic 20000 people
Independencia Dominican Republic 46000 people
Valverde Dominican Republic 120000 people
Santiago Rodrigu Dominican Republic 66000 people
Monte Cristi Dominican Republic 100000 people
La Estrelleta Dominican Republic 65000 people
Ouest Haiti 2.2 million people
Sud-Est Haiti 440000 people
Dajabon Dominican Republic 69000 people
Centre Haiti 460000 people
Nord-Est Haiti -
Turks & Caicos Is. Turks and Caicos Islands 14000 people
Nord Haiti 720000 people
Artibonite Haiti 960000 people
Sud Haiti 630000 people
Nord-Ouest Haiti 390000 people
Grand Anse Haiti -
Bahamas Bahamas 270000 people
Guantanamo Cuba 520000 people
Holguin Cuba 1 million people
Guantanamo Bay United States -
Santiago de Cuba Cuba 1 million people
Granma Cuba 820000 people
Las Tunas Cuba 510000 people
Camaguey Cuba 770000 people
Ciego de Avila Cuba 380000 people
Sancti Spiritus Cuba 440000 people
Villa Clara Cuba 840000 people
Cienfuegos Cuba 380000 people
Matanzas Cuba 640000 people
Florida United States 13.4 million people
La Habana Cuba 670000 people

Populated places

Name Region Province Country City class Population
Bridgetown Saint Michael Barbados Capital 96000 people
Castries Castries St. Lucia Capital 12000 people
Fort-de-France Martinique Capital 88000 people
Kingstown Saint George St. Vincent and the Grenadines Capital 17000 people
Roseau Saint George Dominica Capital 16000 people
Moule Guadeloupe City -
Capesterre Guadeloupe City -
Pointe-à-Pitre Guadeloupe City -
Saint-Claude Guadeloupe City 10000 people
Basse-Terre Guadeloupe Capital 11000 people
Saint John's Antigua and Barbuda Capital 21000 people
Plymouth Saint Anthony Montserrat Capital no people
Newcastle St. Kitts and Nevis City <1000 people
Charlestown St. Kitts and Nevis City 1500 people
Basseterre St. Kitts and Nevis Capital 12000 people
Gustavia Guadeloupe City -
Philipsburg Netherlands Antilles City 6300 people
The Valley Anguilla Capital 1300 people
Road Town British Virgin Islands Capital 8300 people
Charlotte Amalie Virgin Islands Capital 10000 people
Carolina Carolina Puerto Rico Major city 160000 people
San Juan San Juan Puerto Rico Capital 420000 people
Guaynabo Guaynabo Puerto Rico City 78000 people
Bayamon Bayamon Puerto Rico City 200000 people
Ponce Ponce Puerto Rico City 150000 people
Higüey La Altagracia Dominican Republic City 66000 people
La Romana La Romana Dominican Republic City 200000 people
El Seibo El Seíbo Dominican Republic City 23000 people
San Pedro de Macorís San Pedro de Macorís Dominican Republic City 150000 people
Consuelo San Pedro de Macorís Dominican Republic City 27000 people
Hato Mayor Hato Major Dominican Republic City 35000 people
El Valle Hato Major Dominican Republic City -
Sabana de la Mar Hato Major Dominican Republic City 13000 people
Boca Chica Santo Domingo Dominican Republic City -
Andrés Santo Domingo Dominican Republic City -
Sánchez Samaná Dominican Republic City 13000 people
Monte Plata Monte Plata Dominican Republic City 15000 people
Santo Domingo Distrito Nacional Dominican Republic Capital 2.1 million people
Bajos de Haina San Cristóbal Dominican Republic City 66000 people
San Cristóbal San Cristóbal Dominican Republic City 110000 people
Nagua María Trinidad Sánchez Dominican Republic City 33000 people
Baní Peravia Dominican Republic City 57000 people
Pimentel Duarte Dominican Republic City 9400 people
Cotuí Sánchez Ramírez Dominican Republic City 53000 people
Río San Juan Espaillat Dominican Republic City -
San Francisco de Macorís Duarte Dominican Republic City 130000 people
San José de Ocoa San José de Ocoa Dominican Republic City -
Bonao Monsenor Novel Dominican Republic City 73000 people
Azua Azua Dominican Republic City 59000 people
La Vega La Vega Dominican Republic City 100000 people
Moca Espaillat Dominican Republic City 61000 people
Constanza La Vega Dominican Republic City 29000 people
Santiago Santiago Dominican Republic City 550000 people
Barahona Barahona Dominican Republic City 76000 people
Puerto Plata Puerto Plata Dominican Republic City 110000 people
Vicente Noble Barahona Dominican Republic City 10000 people
Cabral Barahona Dominican Republic City 12000 people
Imbert Puerto Plata Dominican Republic City 7800 people
San Juan San Juan Dominican Republic City -
Mao Valverde Dominican Republic City 47000 people
Neiba Baoruco Dominican Republic City -
Duvergé Independencia Dominican Republic City 9800 people
Santiago Rodríguez Santiago Rodríguez Dominican Republic City -
Lucas Evangelista de Peña Monti Cristi Dominican Republic City -
Loma de Cabrera Dajabón Dominican Republic City 6600 people
Dajabón Dajabón Dominican Republic City 15000 people
Quanaminthe Nord-Est Haiti City -
Monte Cristi Monti Cristi Dominican Republic City 16000 people
Pepillo Salcedo Monti Cristi Dominican Republic City 3800 people
Cockburn Town Turks and Caicos Islands Capital <1000 people
Hinche Centre Haiti City 18000 people
Pétionville Ouest Haiti City 90000 people
Port-au-Prince Ouest Haiti Capital 1.2 million people
Jacmel Sud-Est Haiti City 33000 people
Cap-Haïtien Nord Haiti City 120000 people
Limbé Nord Haiti City 32000 people
Saint-Marc Artibonite Haiti City 65000 people
Petit-Goave Ouest Haiti City -
Gonaïves Artibonite Haiti City 74000 people
Gros Morne Artibonite Haiti City -
Les Cayes Sud Haiti City 58000 people
Jérémie Grand'Anse Haiti City 29000 people
Baracoa Guantánamo Cuba City 47000 people
Guantánamo Guantánamo Cuba City 260000 people
Santiago de Cuba Santiago de Cuba Cuba City 540000 people
Palma Soriano Santiago de Cuba Cuba City 100000 people
Banes Holguín Cuba City 52000 people
San Germán Holguín Cuba City -
Holguín Holguín Cuba City 300000 people
Bayamo Granma Cuba City 190000 people
Las Tunas Las Tunas Cuba City 200000 people
Manzanillo Granma Cuba City 120000 people
Nuevitas Camagüey Cuba City 53000 people
Camagüey Camagüey Cuba City 340000 people
Vertientes Camagüey Cuba City 29000 people
Florida Camagüey Cuba City 61000 people
Céspedes Camagüey Cuba City -
Nassau Bahamas The Bahamas Capital 220000 people
Morón Ciego de Ávila Cuba City 61000 people
Ciego de Ávila Ciego de Ávila Cuba City 110000 people

Critical infrastructure

Airports, ports, nuclear plants and hydrodams at risk, if affected, are listed below.


Name IATA Code Elevation (m) Usage Runway type IFR Runway Length (ft)
Grantley Adams International BGI 52 Civ. Paved Yes 11000
Le Lamentin FDF 5 Civ. Paved Yes 10800
Hewanorra International UVF 3 Civ. Paved Yes 9000
Vigie SLU 6 Civ. Paved Yes 6200
La Desirade Les Galets DSD unknown 0
E T Joshua SVD 20 Civ. Paved Yes 4600
Melville Hall DOM 24 Civ. Paved Yes 4800
Marie Galante GBJ 5 Civ. Paved Yes 4000
Dominica Cane DCF unknown 0
Canefield 4 Civ. Paved No 2500
J F Mitchell 4 Civ. Paved No 3600
St. Francois SFC unknown 0
Terre de Haut LSS unknown 0
Terre-de-Bas HTB unknown 0
Le Raizet PTP 11 Civ. Paved Yes 11400
Basse-Terre Baillif BBR unknown 0
V C Bird International ANU 19 Civ. Paved Yes 9000
W H Bramble (Abandoned) 12 0
Barbuda Codrington BBQ unknown 0
Montserrat Blackburne MNI unknown 0
Newcastle NEV 8 Civ. Paved No 4000
Golden Rock SKB 52 Civ. Paved Yes 8000
F D Roosevelt EUX 38 Civ. Paved Yes 4200
St. Barthelemy SBH unknown Civ. Paved No 2100
Grand Case CCE 2 Civ. Paved No 3900
Prinses Juliana SXM 4 Civ. Paved Yes 7000
Wallblake AXA 33 Civ. Paved Yes 3600
North Sound Virgin Gorda NSX unknown 0
Christiansted Harbor- SSB unknown 0
Virgin Gorda VIJ 4 Civ. Unpaved No 3100
Anegada NGD unknown 0
Alexander Hamilton STX 19 Civ. Paved Yes 7600
Beef Island EIS 5 Civ. Paved Yes 3600
St. John SJF unknown 0
Cruz Bay unknown 0
Stouffer Grand Beach Resort 38 0
Frenchman's Reef 6 0
H.S. Truman STT 5 Civ. Paved Yes 7000
Benjamin Rivera Noriega CPX 15 0
Camp Garcia Vieques 14 0
Vieques VQS 14 Civ. Paved No 3400
Roosevelt Roads Ns NRR 12 Mil. Paved Yes 11000
Fajardo Harbor unknown 0
Diego Jimenez Torres FAJ 20 Civ. Paved No 3600
Humacao 10 0
Boqueron 114 0
Patillas 3 0
Luis Munoz Marin International SJU 3 Civ. Paved Yes 10000
Prasa-Barbosa 50 0
State Government Number One 82 0
Prtc Office Building 53 0
Isla Grande SIG 3 Civ. Paved Yes 5300
Rexach Office Building 18 0
Bayamon Regional Hospital 34 0
Baxter-Aibonito 560 0
Prasa - La Plata 110 0
Santa Isabel 8 0
Dorado 23 0
Orocovis Health Center 523 0
Fort Allen 6 0
Mercedita PSE 9 Civ. Paved Yes 6900
Orama-Layuya 446 0
Antonio Nery Juarbe Pol ARE 7 0
Parguera 10 0
Baxter-San German 64 0
Lajas Airpark 9 0
Boqueron 1 0
Cullingford Field 4 0
Sabalos Ward 10 0
Labadie 137 0
Eugenio Maria de Hostos MAZ 9 Civ. Paved Yes 4900
Borinquen BQN 72 Civ. Paved Yes 11700
Punta Cana PUJ 9 Civ. Paved Yes 10100
La Romana LRM 8 Civ. Paved Yes 6500
Sabana de La Mar SNX unknown 0
Arroyo Barril 35 0
De Las Americas International SDQ 18 Civ. Paved Yes 11000
San Isidro AB 34 Mil. Paved No 7000
Herrera HEX 66 Civ. Paved Yes 4100
Angelina Cotui 54 0
Constanza COZ 1198 Civ. Paved No 5300
Santiago Municipal STI 182 Civ. Paved Yes 5000
La Union POP 5 Civ. Paved Yes 10100
Barahona Habanero BRX 23 Civ. Paved Yes 9800
San Juan de la M. SJM unknown 0
Cabo Rojo CBJ 11 Civ. Paved No 4900
Dajabon 63 Civ. Unpaved No 5500
Grand Turk International GDT 4 Civ. Paved Yes 6300
Mais Gate PAP 33 Civ. Paved Yes 9900
Bowen 32 0
Jacmel JAK 44 Civ. Unpaved No 3900
Cap Haitien CAP 5 Civ. Paved Yes 4900
South Caicos XSC 2 0
Middle Caicos MDS unknown 0
North Caicos NCA 8 0
Port-de-Paix PAX unknown 0
Providenciales PLS 8 0
Les Cayes CYA 30 0
Jeremie JEE 45 Civ. Unpaved No 3900
Mayaguana MYG 3 Civ. Paved No 7700


Name LOCODE Country
Speightstown Barbados
Bridgetown BBBGI Barbados
Le Marin Martinique
Le Robert Martinique
La Trinite Martinique
Vieux Fort Saint Lucia
Castries LCSLU Saint Lucia
Cul de Sac Bay LCCDS Saint Lucia
Fort de France MQFDF Martinique
Saint Pierre Martinique
Kingstown VCKTN Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Admiralty Bay Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Roseau DMRSU Dominica
Grand Bourg Guadeloupe
Saint Louis Guadeloupe
Portsmouth DMPOR Dominica
Bourg Des Saintes Guadeloupe
Pointe-a-Pitre GPPTP Guadeloupe
Port Louis Guadeloupe
Basse Terre GPBBR Guadeloupe
Parham Harbour Antigua and Barbuda
Saint Johns AGSJO Antigua and Barbuda
Plymouth Montserrat
Barbuda AGBBQ Antigua and Barbuda
Charlestown KNNEV Saint Kitts and Nevis
Basseterre KNBAS Saint Kitts and Nevis
Oranjestad Netherlands Antilles
Gustavia GPGUS Guadeloupe
Philipsburg ANPHI Netherlands Antilles
Marigot Guadeloupe
Blowing Point AIBLP Anguilla
Christiansted VICTD Virgin Islands
Virgin Gorda Island British Virgin Islands
Hovic VIHOC Virgin Islands
Limetree Bay VILIB Virgin Islands
Anegada Island British Virgin Islands
Frederiksted VIFRD Virgin Islands
Road Harbour & Port Purcell British Virgin Islands
Cruz Bay Virgin Islands
Charlotte Amalie VISTT Virgin Islands
Culebra Puerto Rico
Isabel Segunda Puerto Rico
Ensenada Honda Puerto Rico
Fajardo Puerto Rico
Naguabo Puerto Rico
Puerto de Humacao Puerto Rico
Yabucoa PRPYA Puerto Rico
Maunabo Puerto Rico
Arroyo Puerto Rico
Las Mareas Puerto Rico
Las Mareas (Guayama) PRLAM Puerto Rico
San Juan PRSJU Puerto Rico
Ponce PRPSE Puerto Rico
Guayanilla PRGUY Puerto Rico
Guanica Harbour PRGUX Puerto Rico
Arecibo PRARE Puerto Rico
Mayaguez PRMAZ Puerto Rico
Aguadilla PRBQN Puerto Rico
Mona Island PROIS Puerto Rico
Cape Engano Dominican Republic
La Romana DOLRM Dominican Republic
San Pedro de Macoris DOSPM Dominican Republic
Santa Barbara de Samana Dominican Republic
Boca Chica DOBCC Dominican Republic
Puerto Botado Dominican Republic
Sanchez DOSNZ Dominican Republic
Santo Domingo DOSDQ Dominican Republic
Rio Haina DOHAI Dominican Republic
Palenque DOPAL Dominican Republic
Las Calderas Dominican Republic
Puerto Viejo de Azua DOPVA Dominican Republic
Azua DOPVA Dominican Republic
Puerto Viejo de Azua Dominican Republic
Sosua Dominican Republic
Barahona DOBRX Dominican Republic
Puerto Plata DOPOP Dominican Republic
Cabo Rojo DOCBJ Dominican Republic
Manzanillo DOMAN Dominican Republic
Grand Turk TCGDT Turks and Caicos Islands
Fort Liberte HTFLI Haiti
Port-au-Prince HTPAP Haiti
Jacmel Haiti
Fond Mombin HTFOM Haiti
Cap Haitien HTCAP Haiti
Saint Marc Haiti
Petit Goave HTPEG Haiti
Gonaives HTGVS Haiti
Cayman Brac Haiti
Miragoane HTMIR Haiti
Port de Paiz Haiti
Providenciales TCPLS Turks and Caicos Islands
Aquin Haiti
Les Cayes HTACA Haiti
Little Inagua Island The Bahamas
Jeremie HTJEE Haiti
Mayaguana The Bahamas
Matthew Town The Bahamas
Man Of War Bay The Bahamas
Baracoa CUBCA Cuba
Punta Gorda Cuba


Reservoir Dam Name River Year
Saint Pierre la Manzo Manche 1978
Patillas Rio Grande de Patillas 1914
Carite La Plata 1913
La Plata La Plata 1974
Toa Vaca Dam Toa Vaca 1972
Caonillas Caonillas 1948
Dos Bocas Rio Grande de Arecibo 1942
Guajataca Guajataca 1928
Las Barias Nizao -99
Valdesia Nizao 1975
Hatillo Yuna 1984
Jiguey Nizao 1992
Rincon Jima 1978
Tavera Yaque del Norte 1974
Bao Bao 1985
Sabana Yegua Yaque del Sur 1978
Moncion Mao -99
Sabaneta San Juan 1981
Zaza Zaza 1972
Structure 336 Tamiami Canal C-4 1978
Structure 39 Hillsboro Canal 1952
Martin Plant Cooling Water Reservoir Offstream St. Lucie Canal 1981
Structure 193 Taylor Creek 1972
Jack Creek Structure Jack Creek 1962
Structure 65 Kissimmee River C-38 1964
Taylor Creek Structure Taylor Creek 1969
Structure 58 Trout-Joel Canal C-32C 1969
Structure 60 Alligator Lake 1966
Structure 63 Canoe Creek C-34 1966
Structure 62 Ajay-Hart Canal C-29A 1969
Structure 61 South Port Canal C-35 1964
Structure 59 St. Cloud C-31 1963
Lake Hamilton Dam P-8 Canal P8 1965
Fort Meade 1972
Clear Springs CS-8 1977
Lake Fannie Dam P-7 Canal P7 1965
Lake Smart Dam P-6 Canal P6 1965
Noralyn N-9 1961
Clear Springs N-12 1968
Lake Hartridge Dam Lake Conine 1959
Payne Creek Settling Area 2 1967
Noralyn N-15 1974
Noralyn N-14 1974
Sanford Cooling Reservoir Offstream St. Johns River 1971
Lake Hancock Dam P-11 Saddle Creek 1965
South Ridgewood 1969
Area C 1969
West Polk A-10 1971
Area E 1974
West Polk K-1 1966
Nichols N-4 1978
Big Four Mine Dam BF-1 Lake Branch of Alfia River 1977
Lake Manatee Dam Manatee River 1967
Edward Medard Reservoir Edward Medard Reservoir Dam Little Alafia River 1977
Manatee Cooling Water Reservoir Little Manatee River 1975
Lake Eustis Eugene J. Burrell Lock and Dam Haines Creek 1957
Lake Oklawaha Rodman Dam and Spillway Oklawaha River 1968
Lake Apopka Golf Course Lake Tsala Apopka 1970
Brogden Bridge Lake Tsala Apopka 1972
Inglis Withlacoochee 1909

Nuclear plants

Name Country Reactors


Rainfall accumulation of the past 24h, as detected by the Global Precipitation Measurement mission of NASA. For more information, see https://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/GPM/main/index.html.



0.8 m

The maximum Storm surge height is  1.9m in Deepwater, United States. This height is estimated for 04 Aug 2020 18:00 UTC .

The JRC has developed an experimental global storm surge model. The calculations are published about 20 minutes after a new advisory is detected by GDACS. The calculations identify the populated places affected by storm surge up to three days in advance, using the forecasted track. When forecasts change, the associated storm surge changes too and alert levels may go up or down. All links, data, statistics and maps refer to the latest available calculation. If the calculation for the last advisory is not completed, the latest available calculation is shown.

Locations affected by Storm surge (2795 locations). Calculation based on advisory number 33 of 05 Aug 2020 09:00:00 UTC. (Simulation using 0.5 minute resolution)

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