Overall Green alert Tropical Cyclone for BOLAVEN-18


Tropical Cyclone BOLAVEN-18 can have a low humanitarian impact based on the maximum sustained wind speed,exposed population and vulnerability.

Meteorological source GDACS
Exposed countries
Exposed population No people in Category 1 or higher
Maximum wind speed 83 km/h
Maximum storm surge n.a.
Vulnerability --


GDACS alert score for Tropical Cyclones is 0.5 (GREEN Alert), 1.5 (ORANGE Alert), 2.5 (RED Alert)
For more info on GDACS alert score click here.
  Wind Storm surge Rainfall GDACS score
Current 83 km/h n.a. n.a. 0.5
Overall 83 km/h 0.0 m n.a. 0.5

Maximum winds, storm surge, rainfall (Current: over the next 72 h, Overall: entire TC track) based on GDACS impact


83 km/h Current Max.

Up to 12.9 million people in Tropical Storm strength or higher (see SSHS)

Impact Timeline

Alert Date (UTC) Max Winds (km/h) Population in
Tropical Storm or higher
Population in
Cat 1. or higher
Green 1 01 Jan 2018 18:00 83 12.9 million No people Philippines, Viet Nam, Cambodia

Bulletin Timeline

Alert Date (UTC) Category
Max winds
Population in
Cat.1 or higher
Population in
Tropical Storm
or higher
Location (lat, lon) Countries
1 01 Jan 2018 18:00 Tropical depression 56 no people 9.9 million people 9.4, 124.6 Philippines
1 02 Jan 2018 06:00 Tropical storm 65 no people 5.2 million people 9.7, 120.6 Philippines
1 02 Jan 2018 18:00 Tropical storm 83 no people 740000 people 10.1, 116.8 Philippines
1 03 Jan 2018 06:00 Tropical storm 83 no people no people 10.6, 113.5
1 03 Jan 2018 18:00 Tropical storm 65 no people 7.7 million people 11.1, 111.2 Cambodia
1 04 Jan 2018 18:00 Tropical depression 46 no people no people 12.3, 108.6 Viet Nam
1 05 Jan 2018 18:00 Tropical depression 37 no people no people 14.1, 106.3 Cambodia
Actual track of the current bulletin
The alert for forecast greater than 3 days is limited to Orange level.

Exposed population - AoIs

Exposed population in the potential affected countries, provinces and populated places




Region Province Country
Central Visayas Philippines
Western Mindanao Philippines
Western Visayas Philippines
Southern Tagalog Philippines
Phu Yen Viet Nam
Khanh Hoa Viet Nam
Ninh Thuan Viet Nam
Dac Lac Viet Nam
Binh Thuan Viet Nam
Binh Dinh Viet Nam
Lam Dong Viet Nam
Gia Lai Viet Nam
Dong Nai Viet Nam
Mondol Kiri Cambodia
Song Be Viet Nam
Rotanokiri Cambodia

Populated places

Name Region Province Country City class Population
Kabankalan Western Visayas Philippines City 130000 people
Iloilo Iloilo City Philippines City 390000 people
San Jose Western Visayas Philippines City 23000 people
Puerto Princesa Philippines City 160000 people
Nha Trang Khanh Hoa Vietnam City 280000 people
Cam Ranh Ninh Thuan Vietnam City 150000 people
Tuy Hòa Phu Yen Vietnam City 69000 people
Phan Rang Ninh Thuan Vietnam City 91000 people
Hòa Da Binh Thuan Vietnam City -
Dà Lat Lam Dong Vietnam City 130000 people
Phan Thiet Binh Thuan Vietnam City 160000 people
Lac Giao Dac Lak Vietnam City -

Critical infrastructure

Airports, ports, nuclear plants and hydrodams at risk, if affected, are listed below.


Name IATA Code Elevation (m) Usage Runway type IFR Runway Length (ft)
Basay Cdcp 101 0
Iloilo ILO 7 Civ. Paved Yes 6800
Antique 7 Civ. Paved No 3400
Cuyo CYU unknown 0
Coron XCN unknown 0
Busuanga USU 45 Civ. Paved No 3900
Culion CUJ unknown 0
El Nido ENI unknown 0
Puerto Princesa International PPS 6 Civ. Paved Yes 8500
Pagasa 2 0
Cam Ranh 6 0
Cam Ranh Bay 14 0
Phu Hiep 6 0
Nhatrang NHA 6 Civ. Paved No 6100
10 Civ. Paved No 9500
Tuy Hoa North 9 0
37 0
Song Cau 3 0
Duc My 30 0
Dong Tre 18 0
Van Canh 58 0
Song Mao 26 0
Phu Tuc 137 0
Dalat / Cam-ly 1503 Civ. Paved No 4500
Dalat / Lien Khuong DLI 962 Civ. Paved No 7700
Cheo Reo 160 0
Buon Blech 640 0
Ban Me Thuot East BMV 533 Civ. Paved No 5900
Ban Me Thuot City 495 0
Buon Tsukl 439 0
Tan Phat 853 0
Bao Lock 840 0
Duc Lap 690 0
Quang Duc Nhon Co HOO unknown 0
Bu Prang 884 0
Bu Krak 850 0
Mondulkiri 700 Civ. Unpaved Yes 4900


Name LOCODE Country
Tolong / Dumaguete PHTLG Philippines
Bayawan Philippines
Pulupandan PHPUL Philippines
Cartagena / Iloilo PHCRT Philippines
San Jose de Buenavista PHSJI Philippines
Cuyo Philippines
Coron Philippines
Culion PHCUJ Philippines
Taytay Philippines
Basuanga Philippines
Binaluan Philippines
El Nido Philippines
Bacuit Philippines
Babuyan Philippines
Puerto Princesa PHPPS Philippines
Quezon Philippines
Eran Philippines
Punta Baja Harbor Philippines
Rio Tuba Philippines
Bono Bono Philippines
Balabac Philippines
Van Phong Bay Vietnam
Ba Ngoi Vietnam
Cam Ranh Vietnam
Nha Trang VNNHA Vietnam
Vung Phan Rang Vietnam


Reservoir Dam Name River Year
Song Hinh 1 Hinh 2000
Danhim Da Nhim 1964
Ham Thuan 1 La Nga 2001
Da Mi 1 La Nga 2001


Rainfall accumulation of the past 24h, as detected by the Global Precipitation Measurement mission of NASA. For more information, see https://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/GPM/main/index.html.



The JRC has developed an experimental global storm surge model. The calculations are published about 20 minutes after a new advisory is detected by GDACS. The calculations identify the populated places affected by storm surge up to three days in advance, using the forecasted track. When forecasts change, the associated storm surge changes too and alert levels may go up or down. All links, data, statistics and maps refer to the latest available calculation. If the calculation for the last advisory is not completed, the latest available calculation is shown.