M 4.7 in Greece on 24 May 2022 20:50 UTC
Rapid Impact

Event summary

This earthquake is expected to have a low humanitarian impact based on the magnitude and the affected population and their vulnerability.

Earthquake Magnitude: 4.7M
Depth: 29.95 Km
Lat/Lon: 38.7921 , 21.3207
Event Date: 24 May 2022 20:50 UTC
24 May 2022 23:50 Local
Exposed Population:
1.1 million in 100km
Source: NEIC us7000hcab
Inserted at: 24 May 2022 22:31 UTC
INFORM Coping capacity of the alert score: 2.5 (Greece)


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(Rapid Impact)
GDACS score
NEIC 0 0
us7000hcab Scaled population (raster) 0  
  C1 rapid impact -0.59  
  C2 rapid impact 0.53  
  Country Vulnerability 0  
  INFORM_normalised 1  
Maximum expected impact using different data sources.

The green area correspond to areas affected by strong shaking (MMI VI or higher) according to the simulation.

Episode Timeline

IDAlertScoreDateMag, DepthMMI*Population**Tsunami risk***Delay (hh:mm)Source
1445027 0 24 May 2022 20:50 4.7M, 29.95km 4.5 less than 100 (in MMI>=VII) N/A 01:40 NEIC
The episode that generated the alert; the next major evaluations beyond 12 hours will not trigger additional alerts.
The episode that has the last updated information.
* The max MMI detected for sources having shakemaps;
** The population detected in MMI>=7 for episode with shakemap or in a 100km radius;
*** The tsunami max height.

Rapid Impact

The results presented below are calculated with the ShakeMap open source software (USGS) using only earthquake hypocenter information to provide a rapid estimation of the ground motion and shaking intensity without taking into account any instrumental observations or earthquake source scaling laws.

Exposed population

The earthquake happened in Greece ,of Central Greece and Evvoia (population -99,999) . The alertlevel for this event is GREEN

Intensity Population
<1000 people

Affected Provinces

Intensity Region Province Country Population
Central Greece and Evvoia Greece 3900 people

Affected populated places. Areas of interest

Intensity Name Region Province Country City class Population Distance
KastrĂ¡ki Aitoloakarnania Greece Village - 6 km
Lepenou Aitoloakarnania Greece Village - 8 km

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Critical infrastructure

Airports, ports, nuclear plants and hydrodams at risk, if affected, are listed below.


Intensity Reservoir Dam Name River Year
Kastraki Acheloos 1969

More information

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