M 7.5 Earthquake and Tsunami (1.4 m) in Papua New Guinea from 05 May 2015 01:44 UTC to 01:44

The list of all calculations completed triggered by the system and users referred to event
M7.5 in Papua New Guinea, on 05 May 2015 01:44 UTC

realtime6 m710-5.73152.010.56
realtime9 m7.510-5.587152.0911.44
realtime10 m743-5.89151.820.13
realtime18 m7.440-5.89151.90.36
realtime19 m7.463.06-5.5034151.91510.23
realtime26 m7.340-5.47152.080.3
realtime40 m7.430-5.48151.930.56
realtime2.2 h 7.410.15627-5.43516151.784strike=219 dip=16 rake=730
realtime2.2 h 7.410.15627-5.43516151.784strike=57 dip=75 rake=950
realtime2.3 h 7.4410.15629-5.43516151.798strike=284 dip=25 rake=1360
realtime2.3 h 7.4410.15629-5.43516151.798strike=56 dip=73 rake=720
realtime2.5 h 7.4310.15626-5.40703151.798strike=56 dip=72 rake=1020
realtime2.5 h 7.4310.15626-5.40703151.798strike=202 dip=21 rake=580
realtime2.6 h 7.4310.15626-5.40703151.798strike=267 dip=22 rake=1170
realtime2.6 h 7.4310.15626-5.40703151.798strike=58 dip=71 rake=800
realtime2.9 h 7.4410.15627-5.40703151.798strike=232 dip=18 rake=850
realtime4 h 7.331-5.44151.970.5

Tsunami affected locations

Initial conditions