M 6.8 in Indonesia on 12 Apr 2019 11:40 UTC

The list of all calculations completed triggered by the system and users referred to event
M6.8 in Indonesia, on 12 Apr 2019 11:40 UTC

realtime6 m6.810-1.89122.630.37
realtime6 m6.810-1.89122.630.2
realtime9 m6.813-1.91122.640.3
realtime9 m6.813-1.91122.640.18
realtime9 m6.610-1.93122.590.2
realtime9 m6.610-1.93122.590.14
realtime14 m6.514-1.91122.640.12
realtime14 m6.514-1.91122.640.12
realtime21 m6.817.48-1.8518122.55270.24
custom153 d6.815.5-1.81122.58strike=313 dip=83 rake=-9020 slip=3 fwidth=30 flenght=40 1.3

Tsunami affected locations

Initial conditions