M 7.4 Earthquake and Tsunami (1.3 m) in United States from 22 Jul 2020 06:12 UTC to 06:12

The list of all calculations completed triggered by the system and users referred to event
M7.8 in United States, on 22 Jul 2020 06:12 UTC

realtime9 m7.41355.22-158.5941.26
realtime9 m7.41055.3-158.641.15
realtime34 m7.81055.1079-158.47651.61
realtime37 m7.81055.1079-158.4765strike=242.43 dip=21.39 rake=97.351.52
realtime37 m7.81055.1079-158.4765strike=54.55 dip=68.79 rake=87.132.21
realtime42 m7.83055.13-158.641.03
realtime1.3 h 7.82855.0298-158.52170
realtime1.3 h 7.82855.0298-158.5217strike=242.43 dip=21.39 rake=97.350
realtime1.3 h 7.82855.0298-158.5217strike=54.55 dip=68.79 rake=87.130
realtime2.5 h 7.82855.0298-158.5217strike=231.8 dip=20.03 rake=73.230
realtime2.5 h 7.82855.0298-158.5217strike=69.59 dip=70.85 rake=96.010

Tsunami affected locations

Initial conditions