Global Flood Detection System - Version 2

An experimental system to detect and map in near-real time major river floods based on daily passive microwave satellite observations. The purpose is to identify and measure floods with potential humanitarian consequences after they occur.

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Flood status report for Cuvelai, automatically created on 5/31/2023 9:39 PM.

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Flood status report for Cuvelai


Status: Green. Current satellite observations show 0 out of 23 areas (0%) having critically high flood magnitude.

The Cuvelai monitoring region consists of 23 areas that are analyzed daily, including the following rivers: Cuvelai, Cuvelai Oshanas, Angola Border, Kunene.

This report does not provide early warning or forecasting information, but describes the current flood status of rivers based on the past 24h of satellite observations.

The status is determined by the number of areas with high flood magnitude (see below), as determined by the Global Flood Detection System based on passive microwave satellite observations of surface water. The status is set to "Red" if more than 10 areas or more than 30% of areas have high flood magnitude. The status is set to "Orange" if more than 5 or more than 10% of areas have high flood magnitude. Otherwise, the status is set to "Green".

Current Status of monitoring areas

Legend: green = no flood, orange = magnitude > 2 (small potential flood), red = magnitude > 4 (potential flood with high return period)

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Current surface water and potential flooded areas

Legend: Current surface water detected by satellite (source: JRC): blue signal scale = presence of water, yellow/red magnitude scale = unusual presence of water, indicating potential floods.

Current Rainfall

Legend: Current rainfall detected by satellite (Source: NASA): areas of extreme rainfall (>50mm/day).

Critical Areas

No areas are currently in critical state.

Status of all sites

The table below shows the flood magnitude in the past 16 days for all sites in this monitoring region.

Notes: X = No Data (or data being calculated). The data values of today can change if new data is acquired by the satellite.
Table legend: blue shades indicate flood magnitude (mouse over the box to see the value); magnitudes greater than 2 have an orange outline, magnitudes greater than 4 have a red outline.

IdDownloadArea DescriptionPixels (x100km2)
14966 html   html Ekuma Downstream (DWAF) 2
14965 html   html Ekuma Midstream (DWAF) 2
14964 html   html Ekuma Upstream (DWAF) 2
14963 html   html Ompundja South (DWAF) 4
2721 html   html Ombwana (DWAF) 1
2720 html   html Ompundja (DWAF) 1
14962 html   html Oshakati South (DWAF) 2
2719 html   html Okatana (DWAF) 1
2718 html   html Endola (DWAF) 1
2715 html   html Shakambebe (DWAF) 1
2714 html   html Shanalumono (DWAF) 1
14954 html   html Cuvelai Border West (DWAF) 8
14953 html   html Cuvelai Border Central (DWAF) 4
14955 html   html Cuvelai Border East (DWAF) 2
14958 html   html Cuvelai Angola West (DWAF) 4
14957 html   html Cuvelai Angola Central (DWAF) 6
14956 html   html Cuvelai Ondjiva (DWAF) 1
14959 html   html Cuvelai Angola North (DWAF) 8
14960 html   html Cuvelai Evale (DWAF) 1
14961 html   html Cuvelai Anhaca (DWAF) 1
14969 html   html Xangongo South (DWAF) 1
14968 html   html Xangongo North (DWAF) 1
14967 html   html Cahuta (DWAF) 1

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