M 6.8 in Greece on 25 Oct 2018 22:54 UTC

2018-10-26 01:33 message from NOA

Key information extracted from original GTS message :
Evaluation Watch

  • Sea level readings indicate a TSUNAMI was generated
  • This TSUNAMI can strike coastlines with a wave height greater than 0.5m and/or cause a TSUNAMI run-up greater than 1m
  • This center will continue to monitor sea level gauges nearest the region and report if any additional TSUNAMI wave activity is observed
  • Authorities should take appropriate action in response to this possibility
  • A TSUNAMI is a series of waves and the first wave MAY not be the largest
  • TSUNAMI wave heights cannot be predicted and can vary significantly along a coast due to local effects
  • The time from one TSUNAMI wave to the next can be five minutes to an hour and the threat can continue for many hours as multiple waves arrive
Tsunami Observations

  • The following are tsunami wave observations from coastal and/or deep-ocean sea level gauges at the indicated locations the maximum tsunami height is measured with respect to the normal tide level
Kyparissia (Greece)37.2621.6623:030.120