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What is a flash flood?

2021-09-03T13:31+0200thesun (en)

FLASH floods are becoming more and more common across the world as global warming takes it tole. But what exactly is a flash flood? Here's all you need to know... A brave motorist in his Land-rover Discovery drives through the flooding at Renwick road, Barking Credit: The Sun What is a flash flood?....

What is flash flood?

2021-09-03T13:30+0200eminetra (en)

Flash floods are becoming more and more common around the world as global warming worsens. But what exactly is flash flood? This is all you need to know … Land Rover Discovery’s brave driver runs through the floods of Barking’s Renwick Road Credit: The Sun What is flash flood? Flash floods are when....

Storm Ida remnants hit northeast US with flooding, tornadoes

2021-09-02T12:00+0200urdupoint (en)

New York, Sept 2 (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 2nd Sep, 2021 ) :The remnants of Hurricane Ida wreaked further havoc as it moved up the northeastern United States , causing tornadoes and significant flooding, including in City. "Significant and life-threatening flash flooding is likely from the....

New York declares state of emergency as heavy rains wreak havoc

2021-09-02T11:59+0200urdupoint (en)

A state of emergency has been declared in New York City after it was hit on Wednesday evening by record rainfall and flash flooding as a result of Tropical Storm Ida that brought to a grinding halt underground trains and turned streets in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn into rivers.

Hurricane Ida could become costliest weather disaster: UN

2021-09-01T18:39+0200urdupoint (en)

Hurricane Ida, which slammed into the US Gulf Coast at the weekend, could become the costliest weather disaster on record, the UN said Wednesday, hailing though that prevention measures had dramatically limited casualties. Geneva, Sept 1 (APP - UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 1st Sep, 2021 )....

The One And Only Way To Avoid A Climate Crisis As the intensity and frequency of extreme weather events increases, it is clear that the world needs to reduce its emissions, and it is also clear that there is only one way to do that

2021-08-31T19:38+0200oilprice (en)

For anyone still in doubt about climate change, the recent floods and unusual heat waves around the globe will be difficult to ignore. Floods in China have killed dozens of people and have led to warnings from the People’s Liberation Army of the possible . More than 135 people died in India when the recent heavy flooding caused major landslides.

Hurricane Ida pummels Louisiana as Category 3 storm

2021-08-30T12:18+0200urdupoint (en)

New Orleans, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 30th Aug, 2021 ) :Hurricane Ida battered southern Louisiana Sunday , 16 years to the day after deadly Hurricane Katrina devastated the southern US city of Ida slammed into the Louisiana coast as a Category 4 storm , and was downgraded to a Category 3....

The First Technical Session of “Framework for Disaster Monitoring Phase II” Project successfully conducted

2021-08-18T09:11+0200apsco (en)

The First Technical Session (TS) of “Establishment of a Framework for Researches on Application of Space Technology for Disaster Monitoring in the APSCO Member States-Phase II” Project coping with the first two disaster research themes, i.e., Theme#1: ‘Flood’ and Theme#2: ‘Landslide/Avalanche’ was organized during 10-11 August 2021.

Bomba profughi in Europa. Ue già divisa sull'accoglienza

2021-08-17T09:24+0200zazoom-it (it)

(Di martedì 17 agosto 2021) L'Onu: "Accogliere gli afghani, no ai rimpatri". Serve un piano europeo. Ma l'Austria e la Germania chiudono. : @Gianmar26145917 Si parla di una bomba potenziale da 2 milioni di profughi!!! - : RT @HokenTechItalia: Bomba profughi dall’Afghanistan? Cosa chiedono Usa e Ue....

IPCC issued a ‘code red’ alert, but is anyone listening?

2021-08-16T21:29+0200thedailystarBD (en)

Current emissions and the future of our planet. Since the 1980s, emissions, particularly of carbon dioxide, have ballooned to unprecedented levels despite repeated, and at times frantic, warnings from scientists about "civilisation-shaking" catastrophes.

Erdogan visits Turkish flood victims as death toll hits 27

2021-08-13T18:33+0200urdupoint (en)

Istanbul, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 13th Aug, 2021 ) :The death toll 's flash floods soared to 27 on Friday as President Recep Tayyip Erdogan visited one the hardest-hit cities to help. The devastation across Turkey 's northern Black Sea regions came just as the disaster-hit country was....

18 terrible things that happened on Friday the 13th

2021-08-12T15:49+0200insider-com (en)

Shakur in 1993. Walik Goshorn/MediaPunch/IPX/AP. The murder of Tupac Shakur is one of the most famous unsolved cases in recent history. Some say he was taken out by his friend Suge Knight, others are convinced it was Christopher Wallace (aka the Notorious B.I.G.

Belt & Road: Siveco China to deliver Smart O&M for Pakistan Nabisar Water Supply Project

2021-08-05T13:13+0200environmental-expert (en)

3 days ago. Source: Siveco Siveco China was selected to deliver its Smart O&M solution for the Nabisar-Vajhair Water Supply Project in Pakistan . The project covers the construction of 60.7 km pipeline, 4 reservoirs, supporting office buildings and a diesel power station.

Strengthening climate resilience through better flood management - Cambodia News Gazette

2021-08-04T20:14+0200thecambodianews (en)

Climate connection of July 2021 floods in Western Europe, China and India. Extreme flood events have recently hit several parts of Asia and Europe. Despite the varying contexts, the climate change connection is evident in China and India, as well as in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

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