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Climate change isn't the only factor in recent disasters — governance and security risk

2021-09-16T00:09+0200thehill (en)

Close your eyes and drop your finger on a world map — nearly any place you land has faced a climate catastrophe this summer. No region has been spared the devastation of record-breaking extreme weather events. The security impacts have been severe , with thousands of lives lost and billions of dollars of damage done to critical infrastructure.

Rain, floods killed 6,800 people in India in last 3 yrs; Bengal tops list

2021-09-14T05:59+0200HindustanTimes (en)

India has lost 6,811 people in the last three years to hydro-meteorological disasters such as heavy rain, lightning, flood and cyclones till March this year, according to government information to Parliament. West Bengal topped the list of states with at least 964 such deaths, revealing the state’s vulnerability to climate change.

SDSs, drying wetlands increasing alarmingly

2021-09-13T15:09+0200tehrantimes (en)

The occurrence of drought and lack of water rights for wetlands are the most important causes of land degradation and desertification, which are caused by climate change and human involvement, ILNA quoted Vahid Jafarian as saying on Monday. Emphasizing that the vegetation of floodplains plays a key....

These 5 resilient cities can teach us how to survive the climate crisis

2021-09-09T20:19+0200inverse (en)

n, the lead author on a 2019 study about Fukuoka’s green spaces and a researcher at Open University, tells Inverse. In the face of climate change, the city has put in place proactive measures to make their city greener — literally. How is Fukuoka adapting to climate resiliency? “In Fukuoka, urban....

Fact check: Viral posts falsely claim animals escaped zoo in New Jersey amid Ida

2021-09-08T19:23+0200news-yahoo (en)

The claim: Animals escaped a New Jersey zoo during storm. The remnants of Hurricane Ida hit New Jersey on Sept. 1, resulting in submerged neighborhoods , roads and parking lots and at least In the wake of the storm, pictures were shared on social media purportedly showing exotic animals roaming the....

A flood of recrimination

2021-09-07T07:07+0200nepalitimes (en)

O n 31 July this newspaper carried a report titled ‘ Kathmandu’s Flash Floods Are 4 Decades in the Making ’. The analysis by Tom Robertson stated that there was nothing ‘sudden’ about floods in Kathmandu Valley, and they would get much worse. We derive no satisfaction in saying, ‘we told you so.

Learning to live with climatic extremes The 'comprehensive review' prepared by the UN agency WMO, hopefully,...

2021-09-06T16:46+0200thefinancialexpress (en)

The 'comprehensive review' prepared by the UN agency WMO, hopefully, hasn't included Bangladesh in its list of the UN member-countries lacking early warning systems. In its appraisal published on September 1, the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) is focused on the mortality and economic losses....

What is a flash flood?

2021-09-03T13:31+0200thesun (en)

FLASH floods are becoming more and more common across the world as global warming takes it tole. But what exactly is a flash flood? Here's all you need to know... A brave motorist in his Land-rover Discovery drives through the flooding at Renwick road, Barking Credit: The Sun What is a flash flood?....

What is flash flood?

2021-09-03T13:30+0200eminetra (en)

Flash floods are becoming more and more common around the world as global warming worsens. But what exactly is flash flood? This is all you need to know … Land Rover Discovery’s brave driver runs through the floods of Barking’s Renwick Road Credit: The Sun What is flash flood? Flash floods are when....

Maduro: “El capitalismo destruyó el planeta”

2021-09-03T02:56+0200elsiglo (es)

El presidente de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, señaló que el sistema capitalista ha causado la crisis climática que hoy en día afecta a distintas naciones en el mundo. Durante su alocución en el marco del Plan Especial de Obras y Balances de los Estados Afectados por las....

Flood situation deteriorates further in Brahmaputra basin

2021-09-02T11:51+0200bssnews (en)

RANGPUR, Sept 2, 2021 (BSS) - The flood situation deteriorated further due to continuous rise in water levels of major rivers during the last 24 hours ending at 9 am today inundating fresh low-lying areas of five northern districts in the Brahmaputra basin.

Flooded Streets, Niagara Falls-like Situation Not Just in Delhi, But in New York Too | WATCH

2021-09-02T11:37+0200india (en)

Delhi Rains vs Rains in New York after hurricane Ida. New Delhi: With more than two days of incessant rains, Delhi streets have turned into rivers with cars floating, people wading through knee-deep water and rainwater pouring from overbridges like waterfalls. The national capital received record rainfall in 19 years this week.

Las fotos del día: la inundación en la India, los destrozos que dejó el huracán Ida en EEUU y la caída fatal de un colectivo en Perú

2021-09-01T14:30+0200tn-ar (es)

Las imágenes más impactantes de la jornada que recorren el mundo entero. Hombres vadean por una calle anegada después de fuertes lluvias en Nueva Delhi, India (Foto: Reuters). Por: ANUSHREE FADNAVIS / REUTERS. Imagen satelital muestra una vista cercana de los tanques de petróleo en la central....

NewsBreak Accidents

2021-09-01T11:29+0200newsbreak-USA (en)

A 14-year-old boy, who was bitten by a deadly snake in India , took revenge by biting the reptile multiple times, until it died. The incident took place in the eastern state of Jharkhand. Local media reports said Monday the boy was crossing a paddy field while returning home from work when he was attacked by the snake.

Flood engulfs new areas

2021-08-31T20:40+0200daily-sun (en)

ANM Mohibub Uz Zaman 1 September, 2021 12:00 AM Water from upstream is swelling the Brahmaputra, Ganges and Padma rivers, deteriorating the flood situation and engulfing new low-lying areas in several districts. “China, Bhutan and various states of India has been experiencing heavy rains in the last few days.

The One And Only Way To Avoid A Climate Crisis As the intensity and frequency of extreme weather events increases, it is clear that the world needs to reduce its emissions, and it is also clear that there is only one way to do that

2021-08-31T19:38+0200oilprice (en)

For anyone still in doubt about climate change, the recent floods and unusual heat waves around the globe will be difficult to ignore. Floods in China have killed dozens of people and have led to warnings from the People’s Liberation Army of the possible . More than 135 people died in India when the recent heavy flooding caused major landslides.

Climate crisis in North East India: Monsoon variations should ring alarm bells NOW

2021-08-30T11:46+0200downtoearth (en)

The climate of North East India is changing: Rainfall patterns over the region in the last century have considerably changed, resulting in its overall drying up. Till August 27, 2021, several states in the North East were suffering from high deficits in rainfall . Manipur had the highest deficit, with 58 per cent less rains than normal.

OP-ED: Why is Bangladesh so prone to floods?

2021-08-30T05:14+0200dhakatribune (en)

Being a riverine country, about a great portion of Bangladesh is flooded every year. The flood mainly occurs during the monsoon period of early July to late September. Even in 2021, when rainfall throughout Bangladesh has been below average, floods are being experienced in some floodplains of the....

Major rivers flowing above danger mark

2021-08-27T15:04+0200dhakatribune (en)

A flood situation is prevailing with a deteriorating trend due to continuous rise in water levels in major rivers inundating low-lying areas at places in the six northern districts in the Brahmaputra basin during the last 24 hours till 9am on Friday. Officials of the Bangladesh Water Development....

El III Congreso Nacional del Agua de Orihuela tratará los fenómenos extremos: sequías e inundaciones

2021-08-27T06:28+0200iambiente (es)

. Se ha convocado con el título Fenómenos extremos: sequías e inundaciones . Al acto de presentación, que ha tenido lugar este jueves, ha asistido el alcalde de Orihuela, Emilio Bascuñana ; la diputada de Ciclo Hídrico de la Diputación de Alicante, Ana Serna ; el director técnico del Congreso y....

Flood situation worsens

2021-08-26T20:16+0200daily-sun (en)

Staff Correspondent 27 August, 2021 12:00 AM Huge onrush of water and continuous swelling of major rivers have inundated many new areas and caused serious river erosion in the northern and central regions of the country. Thousands of people have been marooned and a large number of dwellings have been damaged by the ongoing flooding.

Flooding in upper Meghna basin may worsen

2021-08-24T20:56+0200daily-sun (en)

Flooding in the upper Meghna basin may deteriorate due to a rise in the water levels of the Teesta, Dharala, Dudhkumar, Brahmaputra and other major rivers. Moderate to heavy rain may occur in the northern and northeastern regions of the country along with places of adjoining Sub-Himalayan West....

Miseries of people immeasurable

2021-08-23T20:11+0200daily-sun (en)

Erosion by the river Padma has taken a serious turn in Dighirpar area under Tongibari upazila of Munshiganj district. People are shifting their dismantled houses from the riverbank fearing collapse of their homesteads by river erosion. The photo was shot on Monday. —Reaz Ahmed Sumon.

Monitor glacier movement to save lives: Parliament panel to government

2021-08-21T06:02+0200timesofindia (en)

NEW DELHI: Noting the impact of climate change on glacier movement in the India n Himalayan region, a parliamentary panel has asked the government to take suitable steps such as constant monitoring through setting up early warning systems and various adaptation measures to save lives and properties....

IPCC issued a ‘code red’ alert, but is anyone listening?

2021-08-16T21:29+0200thedailystarBD (en)

Current emissions and the future of our planet. Since the 1980s, emissions, particularly of carbon dioxide, have ballooned to unprecedented levels despite repeated, and at times frantic, warnings from scientists about "civilisation-shaking" catastrophes.

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