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Uragano. "Shaheen" uccide 13 persone in Oman, Iran, Pakistan e Emirati Arabi Uniti. Video cicloni tropicali Forza Uno (A. Martinengo)

2021-10-05T10:28+0200247libero (it)

Le autorità dell’ Oman hanno esortato migliaia di residenti nelle aree costiere a lasciare le loro case e dirigersi verso rifugi di emergenza sabato, mentre lo Stato del Golfo si preparava alla tempesta tropicale Shaheen per intensificarsi in un ciclone tropicale di categoria 1. Migliaia di persone sono state evacuate dalle zone costiere dell’Oman.

El ciclón Shaheen azota a Omán e Irán, provocando inundaciones y muertes | Oriente Medio y África del Norte

2021-10-04T15:24+0200notiulti (es)

Un ciclón que tocó tierra en Omán el domingo mató a 12 personas y otras desaparecieron a medida que la tormenta avanzaba tierra adentro y se debilitaba. Las autoridades de Omán dijeron que encontraron el cuerpo de un hombre que desapareció cuando las aguas de la inundación lo arrastraron lejos de su vehículo.

Death toll rises to at least 12 as Cyclone Shaheen churns further inland into Oman

2021-10-04T14:48+0200theglobeandmail (en)

The death toll from Cyclone Shaheen rose to 12 on Monday while other fishermen from Iran remained missing as the storm moved further inland into Oman and weakened. Authorities in Oman said they found the body of a man who disappeared when flood waters swept him away from his vehicle.

Flood Rescues in Oman Amid Deadly Cyclone

2021-10-04T14:26+0200news_com_au (en)

Oman’s National Committee for Emergency Management said police, the air force and other agencies were involved in rescues on October 4 as flooding from Cyclone Shaheen swamped parts of the country. Footage here, released by the committee, shows a helicopter rescue in the coastal town of Suwaiq, west of Muscat, and in the nearby Al Khaburah.

Cyclone Shaheen hits Oman and Iran, causing flooding and deaths

2021-10-04T14:20+0200guardian (en)

A cyclone that made landfall in Oman on Sunday has killed 12 people, and others are missing as the storm moved farther inland and weakened. Authorities in Oman said they found the body of a man who disappeared when flood waters swept him away from his vehicle.

¿Dónde irán todos aquellos obligados a desplazarse a causa del cambio climático?

2021-09-26T05:11+0200elconfidencial (es)

El cambio climático provocará sequía inundaciones bancarrotas y hambre , que obligarán a muchos ciudadanos del mundo a abandonar sus hogares y desplazarse a otras áreas . Así lo han puesto sobre la mesa multitud de estudios que exponen que, entre las consecuencias del cambio climático, la migración....

Climate change isn't the only factor in recent disasters — governance and security risk

2021-09-16T00:09+0200thehill (en)

Close your eyes and drop your finger on a world map — nearly any place you land has faced a climate catastrophe this summer. No region has been spared the devastation of record-breaking extreme weather events. The security impacts have been severe , with thousands of lives lost and billions of dollars of damage done to critical infrastructure.

SDSs, drying wetlands increasing alarmingly

2021-09-13T15:09+0200tehrantimes (en)

The occurrence of drought and lack of water rights for wetlands are the most important causes of land degradation and desertification, which are caused by climate change and human involvement, ILNA quoted Vahid Jafarian as saying on Monday. Emphasizing that the vegetation of floodplains plays a key....

Disasters & “Warning Fatigue” | How to Deradicalize Your Town | Sea Level Rise and Non-Coastal Communities, and more

2021-09-07T01:06+0200homelandsecuritynewswire (en)

· Highlights of Iran ’s Perilous Pursuit of Nuclear Weapons. · As Flood Alerts Lit Up Phones, Did “Warning Fatigue” Set In? · This Seemingly Normal Lightning Cable Will Leak Everything You Type. · American Spies Are Fighting the Last War, Again. · Sea-Level Rise Becoming a Hazard for South Florida Neighborhoods Miles from Ocean.

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