M 5.6 in Gulf Of California on 02 Oct 2022 19:00 UTC

Event summary

This earthquake can have a low humanitarian impact based on the magnitude and the affected population and their vulnerability.

GDACS ID EQ 1340298
Earthquake Magnitude: 5.6M
Depth: 10 Km
Lat/Lon: 23.5136 , -108.8981
Event Date: 02 Oct 2022 19:00 UTC
02 Oct 2022 12:00 Local
Exposed Population: 120 thousand in MMI IV
Inserted at: 02 Oct 2022 19:58 UTC
INFORM Coping capacity:
1.1 ()


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GDACS score
NEIC 0 0
us6000iq9e Scaled population (raster) 0  
  C1 shakemap -0.59  
  C2 shakemap 0.53  
  Country Vulnerability 0  
  INFORM_normalised 1  
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Updates on volcanic activity (Smithsonian)

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