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Map of disaster alerts in the past 4 days. Last 24 hours events are highlighted in yellow. Small earthquakes are shown as green boxes. European Union, 2015. Map produced by EC-JRC.
The boundaries and the names shown on this map do not imply official endorsement or acceptance by the European Union.
Satellite Mapping Overview as of 20 February 2018 20 Feb  00:00 UTC. The latest overview report of current and ongoing satellite mapping activities related to humanitarian disasters is available
Situation report of Tropical Cyclon GITA-18 13 Feb  08:51 UTC. A Report Map has been published in gdacs report for the event: Tropical Cyclones GITA-18
Impact Map for Tropical Cyclones GITA-18 16 Feb  06:35 UTC. A new Situation Map has been published in the ERCC web portal for: Tropical Cyclones GITA-18
Post Event Tsunami Survey for the Kos/Bodrum event of 20th Jul 2017 01 Sep  00:00 UTC. A strong earthquake (Mw=6.6) occurred on July 20, 2017 (22:31 UTC) in between Bodrum town (Turkey) and Kos (Greece). The earthquake caused a Tsunami which affected the coast of Bodrum peninsula and the northeast coast of Kos island. One person lost his life in Kos due to the Earthquake.
A post-event Tsunami Survey was conducted by an international team, composed of representatives from Turkey (KOERI, METU, Local Authorities of Bodrum) and Greece (NOA and Local Authorities of Kos) and the JRC from European Commission.
Disaster event feeds
Disaster event feeds