M 7.6 in Honduras on 10 Jan 2018 02:51 UTC

Event summary | Scenario pre-calculated

This earthquake is expected to have a low humanitarian impact based on the magnitude and the affected population and their vulnerability.

Earthquake Magnitude: 7.6M
Depth: 10 Km
Event Date: 10 Jan 2018 02:51 UTC
Exposed Population: No people within 100km
Source: NEIC us1000c2zy
Inserted at: 10 Jan 2018 03:11 UTC
INFORM Coping capacity of the alert score: 1.1 (Honduras)

Gdacs Score

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Tsunami affected locations

Date Name Country Alert Tsunami wave height (m)
10-Jan-2018 03:47:00 Punta_Molas_del_Norte Mexico  0.5m
10-Jan-2018 03:43:00 Mocobila Honduras  0.4m
10-Jan-2018 03:47:00 Huarta Honduras  0.3m
10-Jan-2018 03:47:00 Rio_Platano Honduras  0.3m
10-Jan-2018 03:47:00 Battle_Ground Cayman Islands  0.3m
10-Jan-2018 03:45:00 George_Town Cayman Islands  0.3m
10-Jan-2018 03:37:00 Tusi_Cocal Honduras  0.3m
10-Jan-2018 03:49:00 El_Placer Mexico  0.2m
10-Jan-2018 03:39:00 Tasbarraya Honduras  0.2m
10-Jan-2018 03:29:00 Donel Honduras  0.2m
10-Jan-2018 03:35:00 Barra_del_Patuca Honduras  0.2m
10-Jan-2018 04:21:00 Blossom_Point Cayman Islands  0.2m
10-Jan-2018 03:37:00 La_Furnia Cuba  0.2m
10-Jan-2018 04:01:00 Farallones Honduras  0.2m
10-Jan-2018 04:13:00 El_Urraco Honduras  0.2m
10-Jan-2018 04:05:00 Green_Island Jamaica  0.2m
10-Jan-2018 03:47:00 Half_Way_Pond Cayman Islands  0.2m
10-Jan-2018 04:15:00 Barbareta Honduras  0.2m
10-Jan-2018 03:35:00 La_Puerta Honduras  0.2m
10-Jan-2018 03:37:00 Baltimore Honduras  0.2m
10-Jan-2018 04:11:00 San_Pedro Belize  0.2m
10-Jan-2018 03:35:00 Pasa_de_Marin Cuba  0.2m
10-Jan-2018 04:07:00 Negril Jamaica  0.2m
10-Jan-2018 04:17:00 Cambelton Jamaica  0.2m
10-Jan-2018 05:49:00 Montego_Bay Jamaica  0.2m
10-Jan-2018 03:35:00 Iriona Honduras  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 04:07:00 Limon Honduras  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 04:15:00 Santa_Elena Honduras  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 03:43:00 Bacalar_Chico Belize  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 03:49:00 La_Bajada Cuba  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 04:13:00 Claura Honduras  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 04:17:00 Second_Bight Honduras  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 04:05:00 Xcalak Mexico  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 03:47:00 Santa_Rosa_Aguan Honduras  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 03:57:00 Creek Cayman Islands  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 04:49:00 Playa_Rancho_Luna Cuba  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 04:37:00 Juragua Cuba  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 05:15:00 Falmouth Jamaica  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 06:03:00 Puerto_Castilla Honduras  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 03:53:00 Gun_Bay Cayman Islands  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 03:25:00 Black_Rock Honduras  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 03:33:00 Maria_La_Gourda Cuba  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 04:21:00 Banksville Cayman Islands  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 06:11:00 Lucea Jamaica  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 04:17:00 Antoneys_Cay Honduras  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 04:17:00 Cohoon_Ridge Honduras  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 05:23:00 Baja_Mar Honduras  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 04:55:00 Duncans Jamaica  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 03:31:00 Red_Cliff Honduras  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 04:15:00 Alligartor_Nose Honduras  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 04:13:00 Majahual Mexico  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 04:33:00 Playa_del_Carmen Mexico  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 05:05:00 Xelha Mexico  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 04:11:00 Brinkleys Cayman Islands  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 04:15:00 Carapachibey Cuba  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 04:19:00 Utila Honduras  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 03:47:00 Barra_de_Chapagua Honduras  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 03:51:00 Puerto_Morelos Mexico  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 04:19:00 Tulum Mexico  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 05:59:00 Veracruz Honduras  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 06:31:00 The_Swash Honduras  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 04:25:00 Playa_Giron Cuba  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 06:33:00 Ocho_Rios Jamaica  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 06:37:00 Saint_Anns_Bay Jamaica  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 03:51:00 Guanaja Honduras  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 04:19:00 Calabash_Bight Honduras  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 03:29:00 Jacksonville Cuba  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 03:39:00 Las_Tumbas Cuba  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 04:09:00 La_Boca Cuba  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 04:07:00 Casilda Cuba  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 03:55:00 Trinidad Cuba  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 05:57:00 Colorado Honduras  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 06:01:00 Bella_Vista Honduras  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 05:11:00 Cocodrilos Cuba  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 06:09:00 Hopewell Jamaica  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 04:01:00 Barra_Ulua Honduras  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 04:01:00 Saraguama Honduras  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 05:19:00 Barra_del_Motagua Guatemala  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 06:49:00 Belleair Jamaica  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 03:49:00 Bodden_Town Cayman Islands  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 04:21:00 Los_Cayitos Honduras  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 04:13:00 Gavilanes Cuba  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 03:55:00 Roatan Honduras  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 04:01:00 Little_London Jamaica  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 04:27:00 Savanna_la_Mar Jamaica  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 04:15:00 El_Porvenir Honduras  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 04:45:00 La_Marca_del_Portillo Cuba  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 05:39:00 Chacmuchuch Mexico  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 03:41:00 Breakers Cayman Islands  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 03:43:00 Barranco_Blanco Honduras  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 03:57:00 Crawfish_Rock Honduras  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 03:41:00 Empalme Honduras  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 03:49:00 Chacalal Mexico  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 04:11:00 Puerto_Cortes Honduras  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 04:19:00 Cozumel Mexico  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 04:11:00 Omoa Honduras  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 04:59:00 Bengal Jamaica  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 06:03:00 Buenaventura Cuba  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 05:51:00 Kaski Honduras  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 06:07:00 Betulia Honduras  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 03:47:00 Cedral Mexico  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 04:17:00 Castillo_de_Jagua Cuba  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 04:05:00 Palmul Mexico  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 04:17:00 Chachaguala Honduras  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 05:27:00 Port_Maria Jamaica  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 06:01:00 San_Juan Honduras  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 06:01:00 Tela Honduras  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 06:03:00 Rio_Esteban Honduras  0.1m
10-Jan-2018 06:31:00 Cuevas_del_Turquino Cuba  0.1m

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Initial conditions

Title: "M7.5 North of Honduras"

Fault parameters

  • Length: 89 km
  • Width: 24 km
  • Magnitude: 7.5 M

Okada parameters:

  • Slip: 2.3 m
  • Strike: 77 (geogr angle: north=0, south=180)
  • Dip: 15 degree
  • Rake: 90 degree
  • Depth: 10 km

Calculation parameters

  • Calculation space (lon/lat): -91, 9.94, -76, 24.94
  • Instead of Step -> use Cell size:1.25 minutes

Sea Level