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Worsening food insecurity calls for stress-tolerant seeds

2022-08-06T04:44+0200kathmandupost (en)

Erratic weather patterns, untimely and uneven rainfall and rapidly rising temperatures have got farmers by the scruff of their necks. For the farmers, such dramatic climate change manifests in the form of floods, droughts and landslides, directly hitting their agriculture-dependent livelihoods.

World News | Iran Flood: Death Toll Touches 53, Rescuers Hunt for Missing

2022-07-31T08:09+0200latestly (en)

Tehran [Iran], July 31 (ANI): As many as 53 people have been killed in the recent flash floods that wreaked havoc across Iran following heavy rainfall. Mehdi Vallipour, head of the Relief and Rescue Organization of the Iranian Red Crescent Society, told the semi-official Fars News Agency that 16....

Los Himalayas atraviesan por una “excepcional” pérdida de masa glaciar

2022-07-20T19:17+0200eos (es)

Los Himalayas han perdido 40% de su masa glaciar desde la Pequeña Edad de Hielo. El Este de Nepal y Bután han sufrido pérdidas de forma más acelerada. Los astronautas a bordo de la Estación Espacial Internacional capturaron esta imagen de los Himalayas en 2017. Crédito: NASA This is an authorized translation of an Eos article .

Transition of a small Himalayan glacier lake outburst flood to a giant transborder flood and debris flow

2022-07-20T16:46+0200nature-Earth-and-Environmental-Sciences (en)

Glacial lake outburst floods (GLOFs) are a great concern for the Himalaya, as they can severely damage downstream populations and infrastructures. These floods originate at high altitudes and can flow down with enormous energy and change the terrain’s existing morphology.

Future temperature growth in Asia is being overestimated by between 3.4% and 11.6%

2022-07-19T16:39+0200phys (en)

A study published in Nature Communications suggests predictions by the World Climate Research Program's Coupled Model Intercomparison Project Phase 6 (CMIP6) are overestimating future temperature growth by between 3.4% and 11.6%. Based on revised calculations, an international team of researchers....

World News | India Provides Flood Relief Materials to Nepal

2022-07-15T15:12+0200latestly (en)

Kathmandu, Jul 15 (PTI) India on Friday handed over consignments of flood and disaster-relief material to Nepal , reflecting New Delhi's continued support in bolstering Nepal's efforts in building a disaster-resilient nation. Indian ambassador to Nepal Naveen Srivastava, during a Ministry of Home....

Made In India Payment System Is A Runaway Success That 10 Nations Are Trying Out

2022-07-15T10:56+0200swarajyamag (en)

carried a provocative headline: “As Silicon Valley fantasizes about Web3.0, India leaps ahead on payments”. It reminded American readers that Bitcoin and Blockchain which were touted to transform global commerce, are yet to deliver on their promise. Another much-hyped technology, Web3.0 which was to make it all happen, remains a work in progress.

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