Forest Fire (5044 ha) in Paraguay 11 Mar 2024

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Articles after 10 Mar 2024

Paraguayan Firefighters on Alert for Forest Fires

2024-03-16T03:50+0100telesurenglish (en)

Paraguay ’s fire department went on alert 24 hours for the rise of forest fires in the country, in addition to the coming heat wave. RELATED: The order was given by the third national commander of the fire brigade, Marco Aldama, who ordered the full operation of all the troops in the barracks until March 17.

Latinoamérica ante el cambio climático, por Manuel Hermelo

2024-03-15T07:47+0100talcualdigital (es)

X: @Latinoamerica21 Ante una agenda que incluye cuestiones como la desigualdad, la pobreza, la inseguridad ciudadana, la corrupción o la erosión de la confianza en las instituciones democráticas, el cambio climático emerge como una amenaza omnipresente y silenciosa que requiere políticas eficaces.

Incendios forestales acontecen en medio de la ola de calor

2024-03-12T20:29+0100megacadena (es)

Según el reporte de Monitoreo de Incendios de hoy, 21 fuegos activos en el territorio nacional, se combinan las zonas de acumulación de focos de calor, datos meteorológicos y zonas vulnerables. En Paraguay , la mayoría de los incendios son provocados por actividades humanas, ya sea de manera....

Amazon Wildfires Could Become 'More Flammable' Due to Severe Drought and El Nino Phenomenon

2024-03-10T11:09+0100natureworldnews (en)

Wildfires in the Amazon rainforest in South America have increased in previous years and they could intensify and become longer. According to the Brazilian government, drought in the Amazon jungle has already affected agricultural production areas. Meanwhile, the El Nino phenomenon is causing....

TABLE Summary series: Soy

2024-03-07T18:31+0100tabledebates (en)

The Soy Moratorium , signed by the Brazilian government and almost all Brazilian soy traders (covering 90% of soy exports), aims to limit further native vegetation loss in the Brazilian Amazon. Signatory traders commit to not purchase soy grown on Brazilian Amazon lands cleared after July 2008.

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