Overall Red alert Tropical Cyclone for HAISHEN-20
in Democratic Republic of Korea, Republic of Korea, Japan, China,

Event summary

Tropical Cyclone HAISHEN-20 can have a high humanitarian impact based on the maximum sustained wind speed, exposed population and vulnerability.

GDACS ID TC 1000706
From - To 31 Aug - 07 Sep
Exposed countries Democratic Republic of Korea, Republic of Korea, Japan, China,
Exposed population 29.9 million in Category 1 or higher
Maximum wind speed 250 km/h Category 4
Maximum storm surge 1.5 m (06 Sep 19:00 UTC)
Vulnerability High (North Korea)


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Wind Storm surge Rainfall GDACS score
GDACS 250 km/h 1.5 m n.a. 2.5
Single TC: maximum expected impact (wind, storm surge, rainfall)
HWRF 245 km/h 1.9 m 1360 mm 1.5
GFS 238 km/h 1.4 m 774 mm 1.5
ECMWF 202 km/h 1.3 m 840 mm 0.5
Beta Version - All weather systems in the area: maximum expected impact (wind, storm surge, rainfall)
Maximum expected impact (wind, storm surge and rainfall) using different data sources.
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Meteo assessment
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Japan, Korean Peninsula - Tropical Cyclone HAISHEN update (ECHO 08 Sep 2020)Tue, 08 Sep 2020 12:59

  • The passage of the Tropical Cyclone HAISHEN over Ryuku Islands and Kyushu Island (Japan) as well as over the Korean Peninsula on 6-7 September triggered floods and landslides, that have resulted in casualties and damage.
  • In Japan, the Fire and Disaster Management Agency (FDMA) report as of 8 September, 2 fatalities, more than 90 people injured and nearly 100 houses damaged or destroyed across the affected area. In addition, media report 4 people missing and 5 more injured across Miyazaki Prefecture following a landslide. 
  • In the Republic of Korea, media report 2 fatalities, 2 people missing, 5 more injured and 3,100 displaced people across southern and eastern areas of the country and in the Geoje Island. Media also report 75,000 households temporarily without power. 
  • In the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), media report a number of evacuated people across the Tongchon County.
  • Over the next 24 hours, more heavy rain is forecast over the whole Korean Peninsula, with very heavy rainfall over northeastern Republic of Korea, and eastern and northern DPRK.
Japan, Korean Peninsula, China - Tropical Cyclone HAISHEN update (ECHO 07 Sep 2020)Mon, 07 Sep 2020 13:07

  • Tropical Cyclone HAISHEN made landfall over south-east of Republic of Korea, very close to the Busan area (the second-largest city of the country) on 6 September, as a typhoon. On 7 September, its centre was located inland approximately 35 km west of Ulsan City (south-eastern Republic of Korea), and  approximately 505 km south of Hongwon City (eastern Democratic People's Republic of Korea, DPRK), with maximum sustained wind of 120 km/h (typhoon).
  • In Japan, media report as of 7 September, 52 injured people, almost  430,000 power outages as well as flights and trains disruptions across Kyushu Island. Local authorities ordered the preventive evacuation for more than 7.5 million people across the island. In south-eastern Republic of Korea, nearly 5,000 power outages, flights and trains canceled were reported, particularly in the Busan area.
  • HAISHEN is forecast to continue northward over the eastern Republic of Korea on 7 September in the morning (UTC), weakening, and it is expected to pass over the central-eastern and the north-eastern DPRK on 7 September in the afternoon (UTC), as a extra-tropical low, Afterthat, it is forecast to continue as a extra-tropical low over eastern Jilin Province (China) on 8 September.
  • Over the next 24 hours, very heavy rain, strong wind, and storm surge are forecast over Ryukyu Islands and Kyushu Island (Japan),  the Republic of Korea, and  eastern DPRK.
Republic of Korea, Democratic People's Repubic of Korea, Japan - Typhoon Maysak and Haishen (DG ECHO partners, governments, media) (ECHO 04 Sep 2020)Fri, 04 Sep 2020 13:10

  • In the Republic of Korea, Maysak caused strong winds. Some coastal flooding was reported in Samcheok in Gangwon. Homes were damaged or destroyed in Gangwon, Jeju, South Gyeongsang Province and Busan. One person died in Busan as a result of wind damage. Around 2,400 people were evacuated and power supply disrupted to almost 300,000 households. Flights and rail travel were suspended and nearly 100 roads closed.
  • Heavy rain from Typhoon Maysak caused flooding in eastern parts of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK). The Korean Central Television reported the worst of the flooding in the coastal city of Wonsan in Kangwon Province, causing residents to evacuate to safer areas.
  • Typhoon Maysak is expected to weaken, although heavy rain is expected to continue in northern parts of the country.
  • Previously Maysak had made its way across Okinawa Prefecture of Japan. As of 2 September, 8 people were injured and almost 60,000 were under an evacuation advisory. A cargo ship with 43 people aboard went missing during Typhoon Maysak, according to the Japan Coast Guard.
  • A new Tropical Cyclone named Haishen formed over the northern Philippine Sea on 2 September and started moving north-west towards southern Japan.
Japan, Republic of Korea - Tropical Cyclone HAISHEN (ECHO 02 Sep 2020)Wed, 02 Sep 2020 13:13

  • A new Tropical Cyclone named HAISHEN formed over the northern Philippine Sea on 2 September and started moving north-west toward Osumi Islands, and Kyunshu Island (southern Japan). On 2 September at 0.00 UTC, its centre was located over the sea approximately 1,700 km south-east of Yakushima Island (Osumi Islands), with maximum sustained winds of 100 km/h.
  • HAISHEN is expected to continue moving northwestaward over the Philippine Sea on 2-6 September, stenghtening. HAISHEN is forecast to approach Osumi Islands, and western Kyunshu Island on 6 September, as a typhoon, passing over the same area currently affected by the typhoon MAYSAK.
  • Heavy rainfall, strong winds, and storm surge could affect Osumi Islands, Kyunshu, and southern Republic of Korea on 6-7 September.
  • The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) has issued a red warning for storm and high waves over Osumi Islands, and Kyunshu.
Detailed event map. European Union, 2021. Map produced by EC-JRC.
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