GDACS Secretariat

Emergency Relief Coordination Centre
Emergency Services Branch
OCHA-Geneva, Switzerland

GDACS services

Information related to  the GDACS Secretariat, mailing lists, Stakeholders meetings, Steering Committee, GDACS guidelines, virtual exercises, VirtualOSOCC 

Mr. Thomas Peter

Head, Activation and Coordination Support Unit (ACSU) and GDACS Secretariat 
Emergency Services Branch OCHA-Geneva, Switzerland

Information related to GDACS alerts, impact estimations, scientific modeling and GIS

Ms. Marzia Santini

Team Leader - European Crisis Management Laboratory
Disaster Risk Management and Civil Protection Expert
Joint Research Center of the European Commission, Ispra, Italy
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Information related to disaster maps, satellite images, coordination of map production

Mr. Einar Bjorgo

Manager, UNOSAT UNITAR/UNOSAT, Geneva, Switzerland
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