Forest Fire (10840 ha) in Benin 22 Nov 2022

Event summary

This forest fire is expected to have a low humanitarian impact based on the magnitude and the affected population and their vulnerability.

GDACS ID WF 1010150
Countries: Benin
Start Date - Last detection*: 22 Nov 2022 - 26 Nov 2022
Duration (days): 4
People affected: 0 in the burned area
Burned area: 10840 ha
More Info: Global Wildfire Information System

*(Last detection of the thermal anomaly of the fire)


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Detailed event map. European Union, 2024. Map produced by EC-JRC.
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Impact Timeline

IDAlert colorGDACS ScorePopulation AffectedBurned Area (ha)Last UpdateSource
1 0.5 0 5893 24 Nov 2022 04:00 GWIS
2 0.5 0 10840 27 Nov 2022 04:00 GWIS

Fires Joined

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Exposed population

The forest fire happened in Benin , Province of Atakora (population 745,117) . The nearest places are and Natitingou.

Radius Population
10 km 3100 people
5 km no people
2 km no people
1 km no people
Burned Area no people

Land Cover area Source
Protected Area 10838 ha WDPA

Affected Provinces

Region Province Country Population
Atakora Benin 750000 people
Gourma Burkina Faso 380000 people
Tone Togo -

Affected populated places

Name Region Province Country City class Population Distance
Natitingou Benin City 79000 people 83 km

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Critical infrastructure

Airports, ports, nuclear plants and hydrodams at risk, if affected, are listed below.


Name IATA Code Elevation (m) Usage Runway type IFR Runway Length (ft) Distance
Porga 162 Civ. Unpaved No 4100 20 km
Pama Pangia XPA unknown 0 56 km
Arly 232 Civ. Unpaved No 4200 72 km
Natitingou NAE 430 Civ. Unpaved No 3900 81 km
Djangou 280 Civ. Unpaved No 3900 103 km
Sansanne-Mango 142 Civ. Unpaved No 3900 105 km



Reservoir Dam Name River Year Distance
Kompienga Ouale 1984 51 km
White Volta White Volta n/a 71 km

Nuclear plants

More information

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