Forest Fire (8265 ha) in Venezuela 11 Mar 2023

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Articles after 10 Mar 2023

Marina Silva è la ministra dell’ambiente scelta da Lula per salvare l’Amazzonia

2023-02-26T21:21+0100leonardo (it)

Ex sindacalista nata in una famiglia di “seringueiros”, attivista e professoressa di storia, Marina Silva punta alla “deforestazione zero” per scongiurare i disastri ambientali del bolsonarismo. Lezioni di ambientalismo reale alla vecchia Europa arrivano dal Brasile .

The fires have affected 440 980 hectares and destroyed 1 987 homes. Feb. 20, 2023.

2023-02-21T05:31+0100telesurenglish (en)

On Monday, Interior Undersecretary Manuel Monsalve said in an update on the situation that of the 260 active forest fire outbreaks, 77 are currently being fought in the south-central part of the country. RELATED: Although the emergency continues, mainly in the regions of Biobío, Ñuble and La....

Emergency for forest fires continues in center-south of Chile

2023-02-20T15:56+0100plenglish (en)

Santiago de Chile, Feb 20 (Prensa Latina) Firefighters from several countries continue battling against forest fires in the center-south of Chile, mainly in the regions of Biobio, Ñuble, and Araucania, where there are still 260 active sources, 77 of which the firefighters are trying to put out.

The Government of Chile reported that there are about 300 active fires in the country

2023-02-14T04:43+0100thetimeshub (en)

The authorities indicated that 82 are “in combat”, that is, not controlled. The adverse weather conditions accelerated the tragedy, the most serious of its nature in the country. Several volunteers carry supplies for firefighters near burning trees on Saturday, February 4, 2023, in Puren, Chile (AP....

Chile: Wildfires Destroy Schools in Biobio and La Araucania

2023-02-13T17:34+0100telesurenglish (en)

On Sunday, Education Minister Marco Antonio Avila presented a preliminary assessment of the consequences of the wildfires that have struck south-central Chile over the last month. RELATED: So far, the fires have affected 19 elementary schools and two kindergartens, leaving some 920 students without....

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