Forest Fire (6294 ha) in Brazil 22 Feb 2024

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Articles after 21 Feb 2024

Argentine resistance hinders Milei’s forest and glacier destruction

2024-03-14T19:34+0100globalvoicesonline (en)

This article was written by and published in Climate Home News on February 13, 2024. An edited version is republished by Global Voices under a media partnership agreement. Argentina’s new free-market president Javier Milei is pushing for a rollback in environmental regulation, endangering forests and glaciers.

Science recognizes new species of giant snake: Northern green anaconda

2024-03-10T20:07+0100haaretz (en)

"Our team received a rare invitation from the Waorani people to explore the region and collect samples from a population of anacondas, rumored to be the largest in existence," Fry explained in a statement. "The indigenous hunters took us into the jungle on a 10-day expedition to search for these snakes, which they consider sacred.

Amazon Wildfires Could Become 'More Flammable' Due to Severe Drought and El Nino Phenomenon

2024-03-10T11:09+0100natureworldnews (en)

Wildfires in the Amazon rainforest in South America have increased in previous years and they could intensify and become longer. According to the Brazil ian government, drought in the Amazon jungle has already affected agricultural production areas. Meanwhile, the El Nino phenomenon is causing....

TABLE Summary series: Soy

2024-03-07T18:31+0100tabledebates (en)

The Soy Moratorium , signed by the Brazil ian government and almost all Brazilian soy traders (covering 90% of soy exports), aims to limit further native vegetation loss in the Brazilian Amazon. Signatory traders commit to not purchase soy grown on Brazilian Amazon lands cleared after July 2008.

Roraima’s Inferno: A Satellite’s Eye View of the Amazon Rainforest in Flames

2024-03-07T11:53+0100scitechdaily (en)

Huge understory fires are spreading throughout the state in northern Brazil as drought and heat turn the rainforest into tinder. RoraimaBrazil’s northernmost statehas a wet climate , which helps rainforests thrive and suppresses the natural occurrence of forest fires, even during the dry season.

MIL-OSI USA: Amazon Forest Fires Rage in Roraima

2024-03-02T00:27+0100foreignaffairs-nz (en)

Source: NASA. Roraima— Brazil ’s northernmost state—has a wet climate, which helps rainforests thrive and suppresses the natural occurrence of forest fires, even during the dry season. Nonetheless, remote sensing scientists have observed fires in this northern Amazon region for as long as satellite....

Record-Setting Number Of Amazon Fires Sweeps Brazil Under Socialist Lula

2024-03-01T14:18+0100climatechangedispatch (en)

Officials overseeing the Brazil ian Amazon registered almost 3,000 fires during February, marking a new record for the South American country, according to data released by Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research (INPE). , 2,924 fires were documented in February as of the Tuesday, February 26, cutoff date, up from 2,049 registered in January.

Copernicus: le emissioni più elevate di incendi boschivi per il mese di febbraio in Brasile, Venezuela e Bolivia

2024-03-01T13:06+0100greencity-it (it)

Il Servizio di Monitoraggio dell’Atmosfera di Copernicus (Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service - CAMS) ha monitorato le emissioni degli incendi in tutto il Sud America, in quanto la stagione degli incendi nelle regioni tropicali del continente si avvicina al suo picco.

Study points to which Amazon regions could reach tipping point & dry up

2024-02-29T16:13+0100mongabay (en)

The possibility of the Amazon reaching a tipping point, after which it would no longer sustain itself as a rainforest, has been discussed since the 1990s when the first articles addressing the issue were published by the scientists Carlos Nobre and Thomas Lovejoy.

Amazon: Forest fires cause highest emissions in 21 years in February

2024-02-29T10:34+0100tellerreport (en)

2024-02-29T09:33:47.817Z. Highlights: Brazil , Venezuela and Bolivia recorded the highest emissions levels since records began in 2003. Low rainfall and high temperatures create ideal conditions for forest fires. More than 3,200 fires were recorded in the Amazon region in February - the highest number for this month since the data set began in 1999.

Nearly 3,000 fires in Brazilian Amazon in February, new record

2024-02-29T01:31+0100straitstimesSG (en)

RIO DE JANEIRO - Nearly 3,000 forest fires were registered in the Brazil ian Amazon in February, the highest for any February since records began in 1999, and made more likely by climate change, according to experts. Brazil’s Inpe space research institute said on Feb 28 its satellites had picked up....

Incendi. Brasile, Venezuela, Bolivia: roghi da primato a Febbraio

2024-02-28T20:58+0100ilmetropolitano-it (it)

(DIRE) Roma, 28 feb. – Il Servizio di monitoraggio dell’atmosfera di Copernicus (Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service – Cams)ha monitorato le emissioni degli incendi in tutto il Sud America, in quanto la stagione degli incendi nelle regioni tropicali del continente si avvicina al suo picco.

Torna l’allarme incendi in Brasile, +248% a gennaio

2024-02-28T10:58+0100meteoweb (it)

Nel mese di gennaio di quest’anno, in Brasile , gli incendi hanno devastato un’area di circa 1,02 milioni di ettari, rappresentando un aumento del 248% rispetto allo stesso periodo nel 2023, come riportato da uno studio condotto dal sistema di monitoraggio Mapbiomas .

RoghiIncendi in Brasile, è di nuovo allarme

2024-02-28T10:39+0100cdt (it)

In Brasile la superficie distrutta dagli incendi a gennaio di quest'anno è stata pari a 1,02 milioni di ettari, con un aumento del 248% rispetto allo stesso mese del 2023, secondo uno studio del sistema di monitoraggio Mapbiomas. Il bioma più colpito è stato l'Amazzonia, con 941.

Megafires are spreading in the Amazon — and they are here to stay

2024-02-22T19:50+0100mongabay (en)

“When I see the rainforest burning, I know what I’m really seeing is Amazonia dying. I see that fire and, as a scientist, I know how much that hectare will lose in terms of individual lives, how much carbon will be emitted and how much the process accelerates climate changes,” states Erika....

Remote Sensing, Vol. 16, Pages 744: Historical Dynamic Mapping of Eucalyptus Plantations in Guangxi during 1990–2019 Based on Sliding-Time-Window Change Detection Using Dense Landsat Time-Series Data

2024-02-21T07:09+0100mdpi (en)

Eucalyptus plantations are expanding rapidly in southern China owing to their short rotation periods and high wood yields. Determining the plantation dynamics of eucalyptus plantations facilitates accurate operational planning, maximizes benefits, and allows the scientific management and sustainable development of eucalyptus plantations.

New Species of Anaconda Discovered in Orinoco Basin

2024-02-20T21:05+0100sci-news (en)

An international team of herpetologists led by New Mexico Highlands University and University of Queensland scientists has described a cryptic new species of anaconda from the remote Amazon. (genus Eunectes ) are a group of aquatic snakes endemic to the east of the Andes in South America.

By 2050 we could lose almost half of the Amazon

2024-02-20T16:52+0100ecoportal (en)

The latest work in which the CSIC participates shows that half of the Amazon is heading towards total collapse. Our planet is in check due to the possible loss of almost half of the Amazon. In a new study published in the journal Nature , scientists warn that the world's largest tropical forest is....

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