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Climate change ‘likely’ increased extreme rainfall that led to Pakistan flooding

2022-09-16T00:45+0200carbonbrief (en)

The Pakistani people are facing a monsoon on steroids. More than 1000 people have been killed – with millions more lives shattered. This colossal crisis requires urgent, collective action to help the Government & people of Pakistan in their hour of need. pic.twitter.


2022-09-15T08:21+0200ncdc-noaa (en)

For August, the climatological rain belts and dry zones are generally at or near their northernmost positions as seen in the top panel. The Asian monsoon covers southeast Asia, the northern India n Ocean and extends out into the Pacific Ocean. The Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) positions over....

TRAFFICO, CARENZA D'ACQUA E ORA INONDAZIONI: la lenta morte dell'hub tecnologico dell'India?

2022-09-15T04:28+0200marketscreener (it)

Negli anni '90, Bengaluru, un tempo città signorile di giardini, laghi e clima fresco, è diventata rapidamente la risposta indiana alla Silicon Valley, attirando milioni di lavoratori e la sede regionale di alcune delle più grandi aziende IT del mondo. L'espansione incontrollata ha avuto un prezzo.

In Pakistan le peggiori inondazioni del secolo. Eventi estremi che si ripeteranno in futuro

2022-09-13T17:05+0200ilfattoquotidiano (it)

Il Pakistan assiste pressoché inerme tanto alla rottura degli argini fluviali del suo grande fiume quanto alle inondazioni lampo dei rivi minori e alle tracimazioni repentine dei laghi glaciali. Sono le peggiori inondazioni di questo secolo , soprattutto in termini di impatto. Non le peggiori della storia.

Qué mató a los dinosaurios y otras formas de vida en la Tierra

2022-09-13T17:02+0200vistaalmar (es)

Una enorme erupción de inundación basáltica en la India coincide con la extinción de los dinosaurios. La historia biológica de la Tierra ha estado marcada por extinciones masivas que acabaron con la gran mayoría de las especies vivas en un instante geológico.

La erupción del volcán Cumbre Vieja: entre los diez vídeos más impactantes que nos dejó la naturaleza en 2021

2022-09-13T10:33+0200lavozdigital (es)

El volcán Cumbre Vieja está a punto de cumplir un año desde los primeros temblores de tierra que precedieron al nacimiento de su erupción. Meteored ha recopilado una selección de 10 vídeos entre los que se encuentran algunos de los eventos más catastróficos de 2021 en todo el mundo, relacionados con la meteorología, la naturaleza o la ciencia .

¿Qué mató a los dinosaurios y otras formas de vida en la Tierra? Mega volcanes y extinciones masivas — ScienceDaily

2022-09-12T22:25+0200notiulti (es)

Determinar qué mató a los dinosaurios hace 66 millones de años al final del Período Cretácico ha sido durante mucho tiempo un tema de debate, ya que los científicos se propusieron determinar qué causó los cinco eventos de extinción masiva que remodelaron la vida en el planeta Tierra en un instante geológico.

¿Qué mató a los dinosaurios y otras formas de vida en la Tierra?

2022-09-12T21:58+0200notiulti (es)

Cuatro de las cinco extinciones masivas son contemporáneas con un tipo de volcán llamado basalto de inundación, dicen los investigadores. Estas son una serie de erupciones (o una gigante) que inundan vastas áreas con lava en un abrir y cerrar de ojos geológicos, apenas un millón de años.

Weather Updates: Heavy Rainfall Batters Pune, ‘Orange’ Alert in Ghat Areas; Rain Forecast in U'khand, Telangana Today

2022-09-12T04:08+0200news18 (en)

Weather Updates: Heavy rains lashed Pune city and adjoining areas on Sunday, leaving 25 spots water-logged, an official said. Tree fall incidents took place in 10 places, though there were no reports of any person getting injured, he added. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued an....

Using old tea garden records, scientists are piecing together the picture of climate change The data reveals increasing frequency and intensity of extreme rainfall in North East India over the past century. Sahana Ghosh · 25 minutes ago

2022-09-11T10:25+0200scroll-in (en)

Famed for its tea, Assam’s tea garden records are giving scientists a glimpse into past rainfall changes in northeast India , plagued by scattered and spotty historical rainfall data. For 12 years, the scientists and students at Cotton University in Guwahati, Assam, combed through handwritten tea....

Weather News LIVE Updates: Heavy Showers Forecasted in Kerala, Moderate Rains in Chennai; Flood Situation in Parts of K'taka Still 'Grim'

2022-09-10T04:28+0200news18 (en)

Weather News LIVE Updates: A low-pressure area has formed over the Bay of Bengal, due to which heavy rains and strong winds are predicted in certain parts of Kerala, while light showers are also expected in Chennai, in the next few days News18.com September 10, 2022, 07:57 IST.

Heavy rain, thunderstorm likely in Andhra for ...

2022-09-10T02:54+0200livemint (en)

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has predicted thunderstorms along with lightning at isolated places in North Coastal Andhra Pradesh (NCAP) and Yanam South Coastal Andhra Pradesh and Rayalaseema on September 9. The weather office also said that the state will witness heavy to very heavy....

UN secretary general arrives in Pakistan

2022-09-09T03:09+0200thenews-pk (en)

ISLAMABAD: The United Nations Secretary General António Guterres arrived here in early hours of Friday on a two-day visit to express solidarity with the government and people of Pakistan braving a colossal climate-induced natural disaster caused by unprecedented rains and floods across the country.

Flood-protection measures: Pakistan is in for a long haul

2022-09-08T21:15+0200downtoearth (en)

Pakistan needs to employ another 435 years of flood-protection measures to mitigate flood-like situations in future, according to a 2021 study. , published in journal Nature, calculated the extent of flood-protection levels, which countries need to employ in terms of years.

How Bad Are The Floods In Pakistan This Time

2022-09-08T10:00+0200wingsenvironmental (en)

Floods have wreaked havoc in Pakistan. According to analysts, the calamity was likely sparked by extraordinary heatwaves in April and May. More moisture can be held by warmer air. So, earlier this year, meteorologists issued warnings that the country’s monsoon season, which runs from July to....

US-based Shia community leaders express solidarity with flood-hit Pakistani

2022-09-08T09:43+0200dailytimesPK (en)

said that Pakistan was committed to promoting inter-sectarian, inter-denominational, and inter-religious harmony. “Our diversity is our strength” and needs to be respected, protected, and promoted, the Ambassador said. He was talking to a delegation of US-based Shia scholars and religious leaders,....

Pakistan, India and Bangladesh to see 20pc rise in surface ozone levels

2022-09-08T05:07+0200dawn (en)

UNITED NATIONS: The surface ozone levels can increase by 20 per cent across Pakistan, northern India and Bangladesh by the middle of the century, warns a UN report released on Wednesday. In its annual report, the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) — a UN agency that specialises in climate....

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